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GovPilot Government Software Solutions

Your government will operate with increased efficiency after embracing a unified operating system built specifically for local government. 

Select your department below to learn more about the 125+ individual digital modules that GovPilot offers and specific solutions for your team.

 What is a Government Software Module?

Templated GovPilot modules are used to perform specific repeatable processes such as business registration, pet licensing, work orders, reporting a concern, etc. They have been built and enhanced through the collective knowledge and collaboration of local governments from around the United States.
Certain modules are relevant for any local government department, where as GovPilot also offers customized modules for individual municipal agencies like the DPW, clerk's department, municipal courts, etc. Click on your department below for an overview of the most relevant modules. 

Make Your Government Digital Transformation

Why Do Local Governments Need Software? 

Government management software allows local governments to save time and money with automation, digital citizen services, and online data storage.

Learn more about why GovPilot is the Operating System for Local Governments: 

Automating Administrative Workflows

Government software is designed to automate administrative tasks from filing paperwork to responding to public information requests

Government admin related processes are moved into a fully digital capacity, including application forms, complaint management, public record requests, and more for improved productivity.   

Fully Digital Data Storage

Gone are the days of keeping government documents in filing cabinets or antiquated computer systems. By moving to the GovPilot government cloud, public records across municipal and county departments are stored fully-online.

Government officials and private contractors can access critical documents and property records in seconds via an intuitive local GIS platform included with any GovPilot pricing plan. 

Cyber Secure Cloud Systems

GovPilot has partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer a cyber secure government cloud system.

Critical actions taken to keep local government data safe and secure include:

  • Frequent Government Data Back-ups: ensure your critical data is safe and up-to-date.
  • IT Security Enrollment: GovPilot customers can use this module to manage IT & cyber security enrollment and training.
  • Disaster Recovery Protocol: Disaster recovery infrastructure is in place so that data can be recovered in response to an emergency in your community. 
  • Penetration Testing: GovPilot uses third-party tests annually to validate its data security protocols. 

See the cyber security overview for more information about how GovPilot prioritizes government cybersecurity.


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