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Local Government Human Resources Software

Manage your government’s staffing, employee needs, and issues all on one platform.

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Human Resources Department Modules

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Attract, Hire & Retain Talent

Local governments and their staff have significant responsibilities in order to meet the demands of constituents who increasingly expect convenient, efficient services. To keep up, local governments must hire digital native staff who are comfortable learning and utilizing software programs. 

GovPilot offers modules to streamline your government’s human resources department and make the hiring process more efficient. Post job openings on your website and allow applicants to submit their application with all necessary documentation. 

To retain talented staff you’ll need to be able to efficiently track and resolve any employee injury reports and maintain daily activity reports of relevant employees. GovPilot makes these processes straightforward with cloud-based digital processes.

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Do More With Less

Constituents expect convenience. They shop, book travel, and bank online. These services are fast, efficient and reliable. Constituents now expect the same from their local government. This has increased demands on local government staff. 

With GovPilot, your government can unify data, eliminate communications bottlenecks among departments, and eliminate time consuming mundane manual work with automated workflows. Streamline your operations and services, and free up significant amounts of time for your staff. When you can do what used to take hours in just a few clicks, your staff will be able to focus on more important initiatives, or even be made available to other departments in need of staffing help.

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Government Management for Digital Natives

We live in a digital world. Cloud-based modern government management software with digital forms and workflows vastly improve the constituent experience, employee productivity, and government efficiency. Collected data can be aggregated and visualized in order to help officials make informed decisions. 

New, younger hires to your staff will be digital natives having grown up only with computers and digital technology. Not only will they be adept at using software programs, they will expect to use software daily. Now is the time to replace paper and time consuming manual tasks with the digital efficiency enabled by GovPilot.

Case Study: Big Bear Lake, CA
There is a night and day difference with GovPilot. It has more than paid for itself through Report-a-Concern and the easy collection of fines.
Lawrence Vaupel
Director of Tourism Management
24 Days Saved

Processing paper renewals previously took 15 minutes per paper application. Multiplied by 2,300 properties is 24 days worth of time saved with GovPilot!

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Case Study: Trenton, NJ
The GovInspect app is really saving us time. The ability to send violations and certifications via email is the best feature.
Yolanda Vazquez
Yolanda Vazquez
Chief Housing Inspector
100 Hours per Week

With GovInspect, each of the city's ten inspectors save 10 hours per week, no-longer having to manually re-enter paperwork. That’s 100 hours weekly for the entire department.

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Case Study: Columbine Valley, CO
GovPilot's ease of use and being cloud-based means I can access it from anywhere at any time. Overall GovPilot provides a great experience.
Stephanie Thelen
Building Department Coordinator
Automatic Reporting

Reports to the council are generated quickly by changing date ranges and exporting in mere clicks instead of a manual spreadsheet.

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Case Study: Bexar County, TX
“GovPilot is what my department has spent years searching for."
Billie Dorries
Billie Dories
Environmental Crimes Investigator / Senior Inspector - SWQ
90% Decrease

Paper-based permit application review and approvals that used to take 30 days now only take three days from time of submission with GovPilot.

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Case Study: Eastampton, NJ
The level of service is by bar far the best customer support I've ever received.
Kim Marie White
Kim-Marie White
Township Manager & Municipal Clerk | Former President, NJ Municipal Clerks Association
30 Minutes to 30 Seconds

Prior to GovPilot, employees had to search for paper records filed in the basement and relay that information to a colleague or resident. Now, digital records are accessible in seconds by city employees, from any device at any time.

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Case Study: Watauga, TX
GovPilot eliminates the complexity of our old manual process and puts everything at our fingertips. Work that used to take days, now takes minutes.
Andrea Gardner 2
Andrea Gardner
City Manager
97%Time Savings

Employees now take less than two minutes to enter information and instantly update the system rather than manually entering handwritten notes into Excel.

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Case Study: Elizabeth, NJ
"GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows."
Darren Bryden
Chief Information Officer
Two Hours Per Day Saved

Saves each code enforcement officer two hours per day through expedited automated processing of records.

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Case Study: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
“GovPilot makes our reporting extremely easy. It's a huge time saver."
Michael Thulen Jr.
Construction Code Official
Instant Reporting

With GovPilot, staff can instantly pull up the records and status of any flood plain application, and provide a real-time update.

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Bexar County
“GovPilot is what my department has spent years searching for."
Billie Dories
Environmental Crimes Investigator / Senior Inspector - SWQ
Bexar County, TX
"GovPilot enables our staff to easily view and process records."
Jerry Kennedy
IT Director
Lycoming County, PA
Eastampton NJ
“GovPilot is the perfect partner to work with a growing Township.”
Christina Lucas
Secretary of the Township Manager
Eastampton, NJ