2 Code Enforcement Approaches to Blight Management. 1 Comprehensive Tool.

by Kent Hartsfield on September 20, 2017

From the decisions they make to how effectively they perform their duties,code enforcement officers have a highly visible role in the community.Most noticeably, they control the battle of the blight. Methods vary, but Code Enforcement’s  approach to blight management can essentially be broken into two categories: reactive and proactive. GovPilot ... READ MORE+

GovPilot for Disaster Prevention and Recovery

by alannah on September 15, 2017

In the midst of a particularly deadly Atlantic hurricane season and the wake of the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, we are reminded of the whim of fate, the temporary nature of security and the power of a unified public. As Fred Rogers, of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood fame, once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the ... READ MORE+

4 Automated Processes for Autumn

by alannah on September 08, 2017

As usual, summer flew by and we find ourselves reaching for a light jacket and a pumpkin spice latte as we enter autumn. It’s always a good time to automate and streamline government operations, but certain items in GovPilot’s product catalog lend themselves especially to fall. Learn about four such processes below! READ MORE+

Atlantic Highlands, NJ Reaches New Heights

by alannah on September 01, 2017

With grand Victorian era homes perched atop its hills and Manhattan’s glittering skyline reflected in its bay, the Borough of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey is a visual feast, offering something for every aesthetic.     Life in Atlantic Highlands is as beautiful as it looks, especially now that residents have ‘round the clock access to optimized ... READ MORE+

GovPilot’s FOIA Process: A True Masterpiece

by alannah on August 25, 2017

The art world is beginning to embrace something that government has known all along—sharing data with the public pays off.    Grab a beret and strike a thoughtful pose! This blog post analyzes the impact of a bona fide masterpiece. READ MORE+

Eclipseville, USA

by alannah on August 18, 2017

Have you heard? For the first time since 1979, the new moon’s passing across the sun will be visible—or at least, noticeable—as it is pretty dark in the shadow of the moon. North Americans are totally excited, purchasing protective eyewear and rearranging their plans in anticipation of Monday’s total solar eclipse. One GovPilot client has taken ... READ MORE+

Change is Good: Convincing Government Employees to Embrace GovPilot

by Karyn Rosenberg on August 16, 2017

Have you ever been resistant to change?  If so, you can relate to people who have held a role for a long time and have difficulty adjusting to their industry's changing protocol and processes.  I see this all of the time in local government. For decades, employees have been performing paper-based processes, but as technology develops, local ... READ MORE+

(Why and How) You Can Do Better

by alannah on August 11, 2017

In those quiet hours between work and bed, it’s easy to feel as if everything is perfect. The troubles of the day melt away as you eat dinner, chat with your family and settle into the livingroom to watch your favorite TV show. This is as good as it gets—or is it? How’d it go at city hall today? Did you ever find that missing pet license ... READ MORE+

3 Common Reasons Governments Stay with Paper (and Why They Should Go Digital)

by Dan Iannascolio on August 09, 2017

  For a while now, businesses, people and government have been making the transition from a paper-based way of life to the speed and efficiency of a digital world. However, the pace at which change occurs varies widely for a number of reasons.   When it comes to local government, I've identified three reasons that may be the cause of delay:   READ MORE+

Summer Fridays

by Sandra Lyna on August 04, 2017

  We are well into the dog days of summer and the livin' is easy for local government employees subject to Summer Fridays. Between Memorial and Labor Day, the last day of the work week is either a half day or a day off. Either way, these lucky employees are off to a long and relaxing weekend!   Other government employees in their administration ... READ MORE+