The Last House on the Lien: How GovPilot Can Help Towns Haunted by Vacant Houses

by Alannah Dragonetti on October 05, 2018

You arrive at the house filled with dread. The front yard is a sea of tall, dry, yellow, blades of grass that sway back and forth in the breeze, threatening to ignite the wooden boards across the windows. You shutter and continue up the porch. Each step emits a creak that hints at imminent collapse. The house is unoccupied, but sometimes, the ... READ MORE+

More than a Pretty (Inter)Face: 3 Tips for a Great Government Website

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 28, 2018

You’re at a restaurant with your dream date. They are good-looking and well-dressed. At every table, necks crane and eyes turn green with envy. You order the usual and your date orders the grapefruit drink. When the pink drink arrives, they look confused. “What’s wrong?” you ask. “I think that they have my order wrong. Grapes are either green or ... READ MORE+

3 Qualities the Best Cities to Live in Share

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 21, 2018

On Monday, Money magazine published its annual list of the “50 Best Places to Live in America”. It is an honor, but not a surprise, that a list ranking American cities that provide residents with the best quality of life includes three GovPilot clients: number 26, Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, number 33, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Union ... READ MORE+

Site Unseen: Major Website Flaws Most Governments Overlook

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 14, 2018

Local governments reap numerous benefits from establishing and maintaining an online presence, but as a new study reveals, when mismanaged, an online presence can be more of a liability than an asset.   READ MORE+

7 Government Officials Who Love Their Job, Thanks to GovPilot

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 07, 2018

Monday was Labor Day—a celebration of the American worker. Though we love a day off of work and a barbecue as much as the next person, we prefer to honor the American (and Canadian!) worker year round—by providing them the tools that make day-to-day tasks more manageable. Seven workers, in particular, find that the work days go a bit faster, ... READ MORE+

SaaS: Software as a Saver (of Time and Money)

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 31, 2018

You’re cutting corners, pinching pennies and clipping coupons to govern with maximum effect at minimal cost. Okay, so you’re not clipping coupons, but you’re always looking for ways to allocate limited resources to best serve your district. A cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) may not be an obvious purchase for a county or municipality ... READ MORE+

10 Features/Capabilities that Set GovPilot apart from the Competition

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 24, 2018

GovPilot is well aware that ours is not the only government software in the game. However, we are the only ones who offer the following.   READ MORE+

A Note on Ransomware: The Biggest Cyber Threat to Local Government

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 17, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia. Davidson and Mecklenburg Counties, in North Carolina. Colorado’s Department of Transportation. Twice. The last few months have seen local governments across the United States fall victim to ransomware attacks. We explain what ransomware is, why your administration is the perfect target and what you can do to protect yourself and ... READ MORE+

The Vanishing Line between Amateur and Expert

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 10, 2018

Time travel. Flying cars. 2018 may not have brought us all of the innovations science fiction writers predicted it would, but modern technology has dramantically evened the playing field. There are full-length feature films recorded on iPhones, teenagers giving medical advice on Instagram (much to doctors’ chagrin) and many other ... READ MORE+

3 Reasons Why Counties Can Count on GovPilot

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 03, 2018

GovPilot proudly counts Jackson County, Mississippi and three of New Jersey’s 21 counties among our clientele. What is it about our government management software that has the nation’s counties clamoring to come onboard? A lot of things, actually. Join us as we count down the top three!   READ MORE+