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GovPilot Security Overview

At GovPilot, we take security seriously. Read on to learn how we protect our platform and your data. 

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Our Commitment to Security

At GovPilot, we take security seriously.

We continuously evaluate our security posture, and we never stop looking for ways to improve protection of our platform, our data, and our customer’s data.

GovPilot uses enterprise-grade security products & services, and we also engage with 3rd party security experts for security assessments and penetration tests.

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Application Security

✓ Encryption
Data is encrypted in transit and at rest

Robust access controls to all systems and data

✓ Secure Hosting 
GovPilot infrastructure is cloud-based, securely hosted in Microsoft Azure

✓ Resilience 
Frequent data backup & geographically remote disaster recovery infrastructure

Continuous Security Commitment

✓ Penetration Testing
We perform an independent third-party penetration test at least annually to validate the security of our services.

✓ Security Awareness Training
Our team members go through security awareness training on information security topics such as phishing awareness and password management.

✓ Third-Party Audits
GovPilot undergoes independent third-party assessments to test our security controls.

Report Vulnerabilities

Found a potential issue? Please help us by reporting it so we can fix it quickly.

Report an Issue

Case Study: Atlantic City, NJ
“This initiative is a game-changer for city constituents on multiple levels. It makes city government more user-friendly, and more convenient."
Sheila Oliver1
Sheila Oliver
Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey
48 Hours to 7 Minutes

IT Tickets often took days or weeks to resolve with the legacy system. Now the same issues that once took days, take minutes to resolve.

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Case Study: Watauga, TX
"GovPilot eliminates the complexity of our old manual process and puts everything at our fingertips. Work that used to take days, now takes minutes."
Andrea Gardner 2
Andrea Gardner
City Manager
97%Time Savings

Employees now take less than two minutes to enter information and instantly update the system rather than manually entering handwritten notes into Excel.

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Case Study: Columbine Valley, CO
"GovPilot's ease of use and being cloud-based means I can access it from anywhere at any time. Overall GovPilot provides a great experience."
Stephanie Thelen
Building Department Coordinator
Automatic Reporting

Reports to the council are generated quickly by changing date ranges and exporting in mere clicks instead of a manual spreadsheet.

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Case Study: Eastampton, NJ
"The level of service is by bar far the best customer support I've ever received."
Kim Marie White
Kim-Marie White
Township Manager & Municipal Clerk | President, NJ Municipal Clerks Association
30 Minutes to 30 Seconds

Prior to GovPilot, employees had to search for paper records filed in the basement and relay that information to a colleague or resident. Now, digital records are accessible in seconds by city employees, from any device at any time.

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Case Study: Hudson County, NJ
"With GovPilot, we solved internal communications issues we previously had with our engineering staff."
Francesca Giarratana Square
Francesca Giarratana
Division Chief of Planning
Two Weeks Saved

By uploading and sharing plans via GovPilot instead of passing paper plans physically, the planning process was shortened by two weeks.

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Case Study: Millsboro, DE
"With GovPilot, our biggest time savings is in report creation. We don't need to search archives for paper files anymore."
Matt Hall Milsboro-1
Matthew T. Hall
Director of Finance & Technology
Eliminated Archives

Instead of searching for minutes or hours for files in physical archives, employees search a digital record in seconds and print if needed.

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Case Study: Trenton, NJ
"The GovInspect app is really saving us time. The ability to send violations and certifications via email is the best feature."
Yolanda Vazquez
Yolanda Vazquez
Chief Housing Inspector
100 Hours per Week

With GovInspect, each of the city's ten inspectors save 10 hours per week, no-longer having to manually re-enter paperwork. That’s 100 hours weekly for the entire department.

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"GovPilot enables us to solve problems that would otherwise take much longer to figure out.”
Patrick Quinlan
Chief Information Officer
Atlantic City, NJ
Watauga TX
"Work that used to take days, now takes minutes."
Andrea Gardner
City Manager
Watauga, TX
Elizabeth New Jersey
“GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is much faster."
Darren Bryden
Chief Information Officer
Elizabeth, NJ