The way to a constituent’s heart is through their smart phone. Introducing the GovAlert mobile app. GovAlert empowers constituents to share non-emergency concerns with government officials in the time it takes to send a text.

With constituents able to report problems as they see them, you'll be able to identify, prioritize and solve issues faster, creating a better quality of life for residents, and improved public safety for all. 


The success of GovPilot’s “Report a Concern” process inspired our team to create GovAlert. Available for free download for Android and iOS, the GovAlert mobile app enables constituents to express concerns to government officials with unprecedented immediacy and convenience.

Users snap a picture of a pothole, litter, or other non-emergency along with a description of the situation. In just one tap, the concern is sent to their local government, as determined by device location settings. The appropriate government official receives the alert in real time.



Incidents reported with GovAlert are addressed using the GovPilot tools helping local governments across the nation better serve constituents.

Plot the locations of concerns on GovPilot’s user-friendly geographic information system (GIS) map. Employ icons, colors and other visual codes to denote concerns’ urgency and status. Custom layers allow for more clear prioritization and deeper insights, so that you can take informed steps to resolve the public’s issues.

Automated workflows, status alerts, and time stamped emails facilitate swift issue resolution—a surefire way to streamline communications and strengthen the critical relationship between government and constituent.

The GovAlert Mobile App Offers:

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Improved Constituent Engagement

GovAlert sits on the homescreen of a user’s device, next to their most frequently used apps. GovAlert’s convenience and usability encourages constituents to interact with government more regularly.

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Accurate Reports

GIS mapping, images and descriptive text make for detailed records that yield invaluable insights.

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Compatibility with the GovPilot Platform

We're all about scalability, so naturally our app offers seamless integration with clients’ existing GovPilot processes.