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“A Valuable tool for All of Our Departments”

"The Borough and our residents use the GIS function on a daily basis. It is a valuable tool for all of our departments."

-Kevin Boyle, Borough Administrator, Pompton Lakes, NJ

“I Use This Software Every Day and Love It.”

"The applications are very user-friendly and have made our lives much easier in regards to processing permits. It has literally made my workload much more manageable. I highly recommend this product."

-Jonneigh Adrion, Deputy/Court Clerk, Ocean Beach, NY

"If There Were a 6 Star Rating, GovPilot Would Get It"

"Excellent customer service—responsiveness, courteousness and patience. Thank you! So much easier to process applications and retrieve needed information."

-Meg Whipple, Code Enforcement AA , Manasquan, NJ

“An Amazing Product”

"A pleasure. Very user-friendly! Very government-friendly. Having the information all in one spot is the best. I feel this product answers all of the needs of my office and town residents. "

- Jenny Gleghorn, Administrator/Clerk, Tuckerton Borough, NJ

"I Have Saved So Much Time by Eliminating Paperwork."

"As a Public Works Superintendent, I work in the field a lot and GovPilot has truly simplified my job."

- Gregory Ley, DPW Superintendent, Haddonfield, NJ

“Powerful, Easy to Use, Customizable, Amazing”

“GIS-supported, web-based tools that initiate departmental workflows and government-constituent communication have been a huge improvement and time saver for County residents and our employees.”

-Richard Behm, Director of IT Dept., Camden County, NJ

"Easy to Learn"

"The software is user friendly. It is very easy to edit any of the property information. The different reports that you are able to run are very helpful."

-Vicki Gough, Deputy Township Clerk, Moorestown, NJ

“Improved Efficiency”

"In conjunction with tablet use, it allows for more efficient use of inspectors. The system customizes the forms, letters and workflows to your needs.”

-Joe Costa, Director of Code Dept., Bound Brook, NJ

"Very Flexible to Our Needs"

"It's great. If I need to modify a document for a special circumstance, I can export it to a Word document and make my changes on the fly."

-Mary Matlack, Community Clerk, Moorestown, NJ

“Excellent! Tracking Properties is So Much Easier!”

"This software has saved countless hours and has made data collection so much more accurate.The GovPilot team is so attentive and in many cases they were able to make my requested changes within minutes!"

-Romi Pascual, Assistant Counsel, Paterson, NJ

"Easier and Easier to Use"

“It keeps all of our programs together and in one location. I can sign on in the morning and stay on to the end of the day."

-Adam Hubeny, Borough Administrator, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

"Adjusts to Help at Every Turn"

"Makes scheduling, enforcement, inspection, issuance and record keeping easier and ties all processes together for a complete and easily accessed record of properties."

-Kevin Holland, Housing Inspector, Township of Union, NJ

"The Borough Departments are Happy"

"Good communication tool that is easy for both employees and residents to use."

-Anne Marie Friscia, Borough Clerk, Union Beach, NJ

"Very Easy"

"Not as much time spent on the phone and emailing concerns to the appropriate department."

-Charlotte Piegaro, Mayor's Assistant, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ

“Excellent Training and Customer Support”

"Very user-friendly. Like that the software can easily be customized to our needs."

-Todd Twichell, Administrative Assistant, Brooklawn, NJ

“Improved Workflow”

“We use this for different programs and it has improved our workflow. Any issues that arise are handled right away. The support staff is terrific to work with - always helpful.”

-Eileen Birch, R.M.C/C.M.C/Clerk, Township of Union, NJ

" Has Significantly Changed the Way We Operate"

"GovPilot makes workflows more vibrant and efficient through data aggregation."

-Ryan M. Jones, Councilman, Borough of South River, NJ

“Great Program”

"Very user-friendly. Constituents have no trouble submitting complaints and Freedom of Information Act requests."

-Sharon Abramski, Clerk/Treasurer, Manorhaven, NY

“Very Helpful”

"The functions are very flexible to our needs. The support you receive is prompt and very friendly. If you need changes, the staff is always available to help."

-Maria Golda, R.M.C/Municipal Clerk, South Toms River, NJ

“Great Company to Work With!”

“GovPilot is wonderful and easy to work with. The team is friendly and helpful! I thank staff for their help!”

-Virginia Kehoe, Borough Manager, Clarks Summit, PA

"Easy to Use"

"We are able to filter, sort, and find records quickly. Live support and the chat feature is awesome!"

-Randi Doveton, Zoning Director, Macon-Bibb County, GA

“Very Easy to Use”

"Staff is always very helpful. Program is very easy to use. Residents like the convenience of online forms, Open Records Requests especially."

-Dena Ploch, Deputy Clerk, Borough of North Haledon, NJ

"Good Product"

"GovPilot's product is flexible and its staff has a good can-do attitude."

-Joseph Grace, Director of IT Dept., Hopkinsville, KY

“Management is Much Easier and More Efficient”

"GovPilot works with you to develop customized solutions that fill the need in your office operations."

-Dwayne M. Harris, Municipal Clerk, Trenton, NJ

“We Have Yet to Find Anything We Don't Like”

"No matter what we are looking to do, GovPilot is able to accommodate us. Easy-to-use online forms give us the ability to track items like never before."

-Chris Willms,Code Enforcement Officer, Sea Girt, NJ

“A Great System that Applies to Multiple Departments”

"GovPilot created a more streamlined workflow and organized my permits into one database."

-Nicholas Weiss, Building Inspector, Ocean Beach, NY

“Great! No Issues or Complaints”

"Residents are able to see receipt, processing and fulfillment of their requests. It's a really nice tool."

-Sue Minock, Records Custodian, Beachwood, NJ

“You Dream It, the Development Team Builds It"

"We were evaluating offers to buy properties in the city. Using GovPilot, we were able to make far more informed decisions about these transactions."

-Marc Leckington, Chief of Housing, Trenton, NJ

“I Truly Enjoy Working with Our Account Manager”

"I like that all files are contained in one place."

-Stephanie Thelen, Building Admin., Columbine Valley, CO

“Tasks are Easy and We are More Productive”

"It is easy to see what each resident has: parking permit, leaf permit, etc... You can also find a phone number for the resident in this system very quickly. "

-Nancy Pasquale, Admin. Assistant, Borough of New Providence, NJ

“A Valuable Tool for Our Municipality”

"One pro is the ability to access the program from anywhere and view property parcels and other important information."

-Matthew Hall, Borough Manager, Washington, NJ

“We Love It! User-Friendly with a Multitude of Features"

"The user-friendly database goes much farther than your typical database. The options and features it provides surpass anything we have had in the past. Record keeping, reporting, invoicing, stats...it can do it all! Awesome customer service as well."

-Stephen Pittman, Sr. Specialist, Camden County, NJ

"Very Helpful"

"The staff is very professional and helpful with whatever inquiries I may have.I enjoy the ability to look around the city using the mapping and the ability to keep properties organized."

-Richard Marra, Contract Compliance, Paterson, NJ

“We Work Faster and More Efficiently”

"The software has made my units more efficient and finding/processing work much faster. We are also now able to offer the public 24 hour access to filing concerns."

-Ernest Smith, Health Supervisor, Camden County, NJ


"A good, user-friendly system that helps us to track and follow-up with requests. Best of all, GovPilot allows employees to view everything in one central location."

-Anthony Buontempo, Deputy Clerk, Green Brook, NJ

“GovPilot Did a Fantastic Job”

"The team listened to what I wanted and needed and we all worked together to create a very useful database that is an easy way to organize our municipal court citations. The ease of use for both myself and our police officers is exceptional!!"

-Dana Struthers, Municipal Court Clerk, Columbine Valley, CO

“Everything is in One Place”

"The software is easy to use. Now everything is in one place."

-Maureen Kurzynski, Tax Collector, Borough of North Haledon, NJ

“Easy to Use”

"The map helps me easily identify properties."

-Yolanda Vazquez, Chief of Inspections, Trenton, NJ

“GovPilot is a Game Changer”

"Replacing legacy systems and processes was a breeze, thanks to GovPilot's dedicated Customer Service Team.Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows."

-Darren Bryden, CIO, The City of Elizabeth, NJ

“Easy to Use”

"GovPilot offers ease of use and excellent customer service."

-Lauren Maluchnik, Executive Assistant, South Orange, NJ

“Very Easy to Use”

"It is very easy to use for both ends—constituents and administrative!"

-Riddhi Patel, Mayor's Action Center, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ

“Very User-Friendly”

"GovPilot is very user-friendly and staff is very helpful and easy to work with."

-John DiFalco,Deputy Municipal Clerk, Borough of Allendale, NJ

“Make You Feel Like You are Their Only Customer”

"We, like many boroughs, are overwhelmed with open records requests. GovPilot has allowed me to manage this high volume with ease. The staff has been amazing and extremely helpful. They make you feel like you are their only customer."

-Vanessa Nienhouse, Deputy Clerk, Haledon, NJ

"Work that used to take days, now takes minutes."

"The beauty of GovPilot is that it eliminates the complexity of our old manual process and puts everything at our fingertips."

- Andrea Gardner, City Manager, Watauga, TX

“My Favorite Program”

"The open records request software is my favorite program. Makes tracking and follow-up on requests very easy. Customer service is great!"

-Tara Ventola, Deputy Municipal Clerk, Borough of Glen Ridge, NJ

“Excellent Single Source Provider”

"The module interacts with all city departments. Benefits include excellent communication and extremely responsive tech support."

-Ross Kownatsky, Chief of Code, Burlington, NJ

“Easy to Use”

"Use it to find contractors and the permits issued to them."

-Teresa DePula, Technical Services, Trenton, NJ

“Easy to Use and Adaptable”

"It was an easy transition to this system. It only takes a few minutes to enter a concern and anyone else on the system can see where you are on it."

-Mike Marcum, Code Enforcement Dept., Hermiston, OR


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