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3 Ways GovPilot Supports Your Building and Construction Department

by Alannah Dragonetti on March 22, 2019

As a Building and Construction professional, you know the critical importance of proper support. You wouldn’t (and Code Enforcement would never allow you to) build a support beam from subpar or outdated material, so why are you settling for a management system that relies on paper documents or 1980s era software to uphold daily operations? ... READ MORE+

Short on Funds? Your Money Goes Further with GovPilot

by Alannah Dragonetti on December 14, 2018

Whoever said, “less is more” obviously wasn’t talking about GovPilot (or cake or puppies or episodes of your favorite Netflix series, for that matter). This is great news for local government administrations that fear the convenience of automation is beyond the confines of their budget. With catalog items priced a la carte, GovPilot actually ... READ MORE+

4 Local Governments that Use GovPilot and How

by Alannah Dragonetti on November 30, 2018

When pitching GovPilot to prospects, “Which clients do you have in our area?” is a question that often comes-up. With clients as close as our home state of New Jersey and as far as Waterloo, Canada, this commonly encountered question is difficult to answer in one nationally syndicated blog post. Instead of naming our clients (okay, we'll name drop ... READ MORE+

How Much Does Local Government Software Cost and What is the ROI?

by Alannah Dragonetti on November 02, 2018

GovPilot clients, Raleigh, North Carolina and Trenton and Union Township, New Jersey, are quickly becoming fixtures on lists ranking districts that leverage the latest innovations to offer residents a high quality of life (see Money magazine’s 2018 list of the 50 Best Places to Live in America and CompTIA’s recent index of the top 20 “tech ... READ MORE+

The Linden, NJ Lifestyle

by Alannah Dragonetti on October 06, 2017

With a stellar school district and in-town shopping, dining and nightlife, residents of Linden, New Jersey have it good. The administration has just adopted two GovPilot tools guaranteed to make life in Linden even better. READ MORE+

Atlantic Highlands, NJ Reaches New Heights

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 01, 2017

With grand Victorian era homes perched atop its hills and Manhattan’s glittering skyline reflected in its bay, the Borough of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey is a visual feast, offering something for every aesthetic.     Life in Atlantic Highlands is as beautiful as it looks, especially now that residents have ‘round the clock access to optimized ... READ MORE+

Eclipseville, USA

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 18, 2017

Have you heard? For the first time since 1979, the new moon’s passing across the sun will be visible—or at least, noticeable—as it is pretty dark in the shadow of the moon. North Americans are totally excited, purchasing protective eyewear and rearranging their plans in anticipation of Monday’s total solar eclipse. One GovPilot client has taken ... READ MORE+

Eastampton, NJ: Young at Heart

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 04, 2017

It may be approaching its 140th birthday, but Eastampton, New Jersey is young at heart. In an effort to engage residents, the township is embracing apps and broadcasting its information on the Internet with the help of two recently adopted GovPilot tools.   READ MORE+

Move Over, Housewives. The Real Franklin Lakes, NJ is About to Go Live.

by Alannah Dragonetti on July 28, 2017

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey has served as the beautiful backdrop for  high-profile reality television shows, including MTV's My Super Sweet 16 and Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey. For years, the Borough’s real family-friendly atmosphere, stellar school system and other assets have been overshadowed by the genre’s carefully constructed ... READ MORE+

Fix it Friday: Budget Restrictions

by Alannah Dragonetti on June 30, 2017

It’s another installment of "Fix it Friday"—a series in which each blog post examines a different issue commonly faced by local government and successfully resolved through the adoption of GovPilot. READ MORE+