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GovPilot’s cloud-based software will enable governments to organize their response, deploy critical solutions, and help non-essential government employees work remotely while maintaining services.

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Standardized, out-of-the-box modules available to local governments for rapid deployment in the fight against COVID-19:

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This software is intuitive to learn and use. Access to it has been designed to be implemented and made operational within minutes of account activation.

Our support team is available via phone and live chat within the dashboard. 

Current Clients: contact us directly to request these modules at no cost. 

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smartbrief GovPilot Webinar

Cloud-Based Government Management for Crisis and Beyond

GovPilot recently hosted a webinar to discuss the critical need for governmental business continuity and the benefits that our free cloud-based modules can provide during this crisis.


About GovPilot's Initiative

“These are uncharted waters that require all of us to work together. We feel it is not just our responsibility - but our civic duty - to offer local governments at no charge the tools that can help them navigate this unprecedented crisis.” 

- GovPilot Founder & CEO, Michael Bonner

In an effort to assist local governments around the United States combat the Coronavirus outbreak, GovPilot has made available - free of charge - ten (10) out-of-the-box cloud-based modules designed to assist local governments during this pandemic. These modules will help non-essential employees work remotely - via their personal devices if necessary - thereby facilitating the urgent need for social distancing while continuing to deliver government services.

GovPilot is also providing software applications to local governments specific to the fight against Coronavirus, including an online drive-through test registration for residents; a digital module to enable local governments and their departments to track COVID-19 related expenses, in order to quickly apply for reimbursement through FEMA’s Public Assistance Process; and GIS mapping for towns, cities, and counties who would like to create public-facing maps displaying permanent public health assets such as hospitals, and temporary facilities including testing sites, distribution areas, and containment zones. 

These free, easy to use cloud-based tools are configured for rapid out-of-the-box deployment and implementation, and represent standardized, best-practice workflows. GovPilot offers more than 100 such workflows to unify data and departments across local government operations. We encourage government officials that are interested in more extensive, tailored services to schedule a 15-minute consultation

We have made free account setup, activation, and implementation incredibly straightforward and intuitive. Your dashboard will be set up and ready for use in a matter of minutes after activating your account. Just one official from a government needs to create an account via the form above to activate access across their entire organization, including all departments and employees. 

Key features:

  • Digital Forms: Enable constituents to submit digital forms. Government employees can process filings from anywhere, at any time. This removes the need to handle paper and removes unnecessary keystrokes, redundantly transposing information from paper to legacy systems. 
  • Secure & Cloud Based: Facilitate social distancing with a system that enables constituents to submit forms digitally, from home. The cloud also allows employees to access and process records from home via their personal computer. Employees who work in the field such as inspectors can process records in real time via a tablet. Employees who would otherwise need to return to the office to retrieve updated assignments, scheduling, or to input results, can instead access and enter data from home.   
  • GIS mapping: Map relevant assets Including permanent health facilities such as hospitals, and temporary assets such as distribution centers, testing sites, containment zones, and other public resources. No ESRI license necessary. Local governments can place this map on their homepage for the public to access by simply posting a hyperlink.
  • Report-a-Concern via the GovAlert App: A mobile app available for Android and iOS devices which enables residents to snap a geo-tagged picture of a pothole, overgrowth, damaged street sign, or other non-emergency along with a description of the situation. Whether submitted via the GovAlert mobile app downloaded to their phone, or the GovPilot digital form on their town's website, the concern is geo-tagged on the municipality's GIS map and routed to the appropriate government official, who receives the alert in real-time. Departments can track the status of hazards as they are reported, the dispatch of personnel to address needs and the updating of constituents on repair and resolution statuses in real-time. 

Full press release can be viewed here

GovPilot offers 100+ digital workflows to unify data and departments across local government operations. We invite governments interested in more extensive, tailored services to schedule a 15-minute consultation. 


FAQs about GovPilot's Free Offerings. 

We will continue to update this page. For additional questions please email or book a 15-minute phone consultation.

Who needs to create an account for my government?

Anyone with a valid local government email domain can create a free account.  Once the account is created, the user who created the account can add as many users within their local government as they would like. To avoid confusion, you will not have multiple users accessing different accounts.  Users cannot sign up for multiple free accounts.   

What are the next steps after I activate my account?

Once the account is activated you will receive an email to create your password.  Once you create a password you can log in. Upon logging in you will see a preconfigured dashboard.  You can start to create and process records “as is”, or you can contact support via the support widget in the bottom right hand side of the screen if you are logged in, and support can change the configuration of the module. 

Does every employee in my government need to create an account?

No, only one account needs to be created. Within that account you can invite as many employees of your local government as you would like to have access to the system, and process records.

How long will it take for my government to implement all ten modules once I activate my account?

Once you receive an email from us stating your account is activated, all your modules are in your account and ready to use out of the box.  

How do we onboard/train our staff to use GovPilot?

GovPilots intuitive UI makes it easy for anyone to log in and find their way around, but in the case an employee has a question, they can chat with a live member of our support team or self service via our knowledge base articles on how to use GovPilot via the widget at the bottom right hand corner of their dashboard. GovPilot will host two webinars to provide an introduction to the use of the platform, and will post recordings for continued viewing. 

I have questions about these free offerings vs. GovPilot's paid offerings. Who can I speak with?

You can set up a 15 min consultation with our sales department via the link above.

Is the "Drive-Through Test Registration" Module, HIPPA Compliant?

No, the purpose of this module is not to store test results.  The module is designed to manage the registration process of residents who want to get tested.

What do I need to provide GovPilot in order to get our GIS Map set up?

All we need is a shape (.shp) file of your parcels.  This is usually held with your engineering or GIS department.

Can we import existing data and records from our departments onto GovPilot's platform? If so, how?

You cannot mass import existing data on your own. This is a service that GovPilot provides, but it's not part of the free offering. Please schedule a 15-minute consultation if this is something you are interested in pursuing. 

What's the catch? Are these offerings really free?

They are really free. However you cannot request to have workflows changed or fields added/deleted.  The free modules are “out of the box” If you would like the module configured more to your current process flow, you would need to take out a paid subscription. If you are interested in this, please schedule a 15-minute consultation via the link above.

How long will free access and tools be available to my government?

Given this national emergency, GovPilot will make these tools available to governments for free, so long as the COVID-19 threat remains - as determined by the CDC. That said, we will NOT eliminate access to free accounts without at least a 30-day formal advanced notice. 

Which local governments currently use GovPilot?

We are proud to have partnered with local governments of all sizes, across the United States and Canada since our founding in 2015. Some examples include:

Raleigh, NC | Atlantic City, NJ | Columbine Valley, CO | Hermiston, OR | Trenton, NJ | Jersey City, NJ | Hopkinsville, KY

Elizabeth, NJ | Chapel Hill, NC | South Orange, NJ | Ocean Beach, NY | Jackson County, MS | Hudson County, NJ

Camden County, NJ | Macon-Bibb County, GA | Ontario, Canada