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Managing Local Government Remotely

by Michael Bonner on March 11, 2020


GovPilot is Pleased to Welcome our Newest Clients

by govpilot on February 14, 2020


Gone Phishin'

by govpilot on February 06, 2020

Email "Phishing" attacks on employees are the surest way for hackers to gain entry to a government's network. With staff training, it doesn't have to be. READ MORE+

Modern Government Management in the Digital Age

by govpilot on January 29, 2020

Above: GovPilot's user Dashboard  READ MORE+

Addressing the Ransomware Threat to Municipalities

by govpilot on December 19, 2019


White Picket Fence is the New Black: How Your Town can Capitalize on Suburbia's Resurgence

by Alannah Dragonetti on July 08, 2019

If you spent the Fourth of July holiday next to an above ground pool and a barbecue manned by a guy wearing white socks with Nike sneakers, you’re familiar with the unique charm suburban living holds. READ MORE+

4 Ways to Safeguard Your Government Data from Email Phishing Scams

by Alannah Dragonetti on July 01, 2019

Oh, that wasn’t you? It looked like you, acted like you and even conducted business with some of your most important clients. No, this isn’t an episode from The Twilight Zone reboot, but reality for employees of San Mateo, California; Tampa, Florida; North Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas County, Texas and other United States local governments targeted ... READ MORE+

Order in the Court: How Technology is Disrupting the United States Judicial System

by Alannah Dragonetti on June 24, 2019

In 1911, Thomas Jennings became the first person convicted of murder based on fingerprint evidence in the United States. In 1987, DNA evidence played a role in putting convicted rapist, Tommy Lee Andrews, behind bars. Eight years later, 150 million Americans tuned-in to catch the verdict of the O.J. Simpson double murder trial—perhaps the most ... READ MORE+

3 Ways GovPilot can Transform Your City into  a Destination

by Alannah Dragonetti on June 10, 2019

The arrival of summer signals the end of the semester for students and the start of shorter office hours for workers. Many see this newfound free time as an opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and flavors of a lucky American city. On average, they will pour $1,978 into local industry. You don’t have to be New Orleans or Newport to reap ... READ MORE+

3 Ways to Set Your District Up for Shared Success

by Alannah Dragonetti on May 28, 2019

You’ve stayed in an Airbnb. You’ve ridden in an Uber or Lyft. You may have cycled on a CitiBike. Now, electric scooter company, Lime, is coming for its share of the shared economy. Founded by California-based venture capital firm, Andreesen Horowitz, in 2017, Lime is rapidly making its mark on the world. Lime scooters are available for rent in ... READ MORE+