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Step it Up and Roll it Out: Purchasing/Deploying the GovPilot Platform

by Alannah Dragonetti on December 07, 2018

Last week, we told you what kind of districts purchase GovPilot. This time, we are telling you how they do it. READ MORE+

How Much Does Local Government Software Cost and What is the ROI?

by Alannah Dragonetti on November 02, 2018

GovPilot clients, Raleigh, North Carolina and Trenton and Union Township, New Jersey, are quickly becoming fixtures on lists ranking districts that leverage the latest innovations to offer residents a high quality of life (see Money magazine’s 2018 list of the 50 Best Places to Live in America and CompTIA’s recent index of the top 20 “tech ... READ MORE+

Flashback Friday: The Evolution of Efficiency

by Alannah Dragonetti on October 26, 2018

Smartphones. Escalators. Instant coffee. These agents of convenience carry us through our day-to-day to make modern life more efficient. Ever wonder how we arrived at this point? If so, you’re in luck, because this week, we’re delving into the sociopolitical factors that started it all.   READ MORE+

How Low Can You Go?: Setting the Bar for Learning Curve Expectations

by Alannah Dragonetti on October 19, 2018

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering leveraging GovPilot software to modernize your local government operations. It would involve migrating historical records to the cloud, establishing and automating current workflows, a website revamp and an adjustment period for staff. How long would all of this take? We guarantee it’s shorter ... READ MORE+

3 Qualities the Best Cities to Live in Share

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 21, 2018

On Monday, Money magazine published its annual list of the “50 Best Places to Live in America”. It is an honor, but not a surprise, that a list ranking American cities that provide residents with the best quality of life includes three GovPilot clients: number 26, Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, number 33, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Union ... READ MORE+

SaaS: Software as a Saver (of Time and Money)

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 31, 2018

You’re cutting corners, pinching pennies and clipping coupons to govern with maximum effect at minimal cost. Okay, so you’re not clipping coupons, but you’re always looking for ways to allocate limited resources to best serve your district. A cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) may not be an obvious purchase for a county or municipality ... READ MORE+

10 Features/Capabilities that Set GovPilot apart from the Competition

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 24, 2018

GovPilot is well aware that ours is not the only government software in the game. However, we are the only ones who offer the following.   READ MORE+

The Vanishing Line between Amateur and Expert

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 10, 2018

Time travel. Flying cars. 2018 may not have brought us all of the innovations science fiction writers predicted it would, but modern technology has dramantically evened the playing field. There are full-length feature films recorded on iPhones, teenagers giving medical advice on Instagram (much to doctors’ chagrin) and many other ... READ MORE+

3 Reasons Why Counties Can Count on GovPilot

by Alannah Dragonetti on August 03, 2018

GovPilot proudly counts Jackson County, Mississippi and three of New Jersey’s 21 counties among our clientele. What is it about our government management software that has the nation’s counties clamoring to come onboard? A lot of things, actually. Join us as we count down the top three!   READ MORE+

3 Reasons to Get SaaSSy

by Alannah Dragonetti on July 27, 2018

Sass. In some situations, it’s called for ( sometimes snapping your fingers in a “Z” formation is an act of self-defense) and other times, it’s ill-advised (an argument with your mom). We don’t feel comfortable directing you on when to get sassy. GovPilot is, however, well-equipped to offer advice on when to get SaaSsy, as in, “software as a ... READ MORE+