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How To Help Citizens Prepare For Severe Weather This Winter: 10 Ways To Prepare

National weather patterns are increasing in severity each year, bringing dangerous temperatures and storms to various parts of...

(5 min read )

Tags: Government Efficiency, Emergency Management, GovTech, Disaster Recovery, Public Health

How Local Governments Can Protect Against Phishing Email Scams

Local government officials play a pivotal role in their local communities. From providing support for essential services, to...

(7 min read )

Tags: Government Efficiency, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, GovTech, Disaster Recovery

The Best Government Building and Construction Software: Improve Local Construction Workflows 2023

Infrastructure projects are a daily occurrence in municipalities around the globe. Whether it is the construction of new...

(6 min read )

Tags: Vacant Property Management, Government Efficiency, GovTech, Disaster Recovery

How Your Local Government Can Improve Community Safety: Law Enforcement Steps and 6 Best Practices

It is the duty of the local government to assess the needs of the community, which includes organizing and implementing community...

(9 min read )

Tags: Government Efficiency, Constituent Experience, Digital Transformation, Emergency Management, Disaster Recovery

The Benefits of Volunteerism For Local Governments: Strategies To Engage Volunteers

In the complex world of local governance, volunteers serve as the backbone of community based initiatives such as a CERT...

(8 min read )

Tags: Government Efficiency, Digital Transformation, Disaster Recovery

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