Cite Violations On-Site

Code enforcement officers can use tablets to work directly from the field, without returning to the office for data entry.


Access All Data

Grant users across departments access to recent and historical records associated with each dwelling unit and property owner.


Save Time

Cloud-based workflow automations significantly increase productivity and eliminate time spent on analog tasks.

Trusted By Forward-Thinking Governments

"So much easier to process applications"
Meg Whipple, Code Enforcement AA , Manasquan, NJ
"Easy to use. Helpful for record keeping and tracking"
Brian Dyer, Code Enforcement Agent Raleigh, NC
“We work faster and more efficiently”
Ernest Smith, Health Supervisor Camden County, NJ

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Mobile Functionality

Code Enforcement Officers play a critical role in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of residents. Successful code enforcement officers must be responsive to a number of inquiries, complaints, applications, and requests.  Officers must balance the demand on their time with inspections and other work in the field. 

GovPilot's cloud-based government management software enables code enforcement officers to access and update property records from the field in real time via a mobile device such as a tablet.

Employees can take notes and issue a violation or certification notice—complete with attachments—via tablet, directly from the field, and move on to their next scheduled site. Gone are the days of returning to the office to manually enter the data collected on paper forms in the field.

GovPilot GovInspect App. Code Enforcement Software

Unified Data Management

Digital forms available to residents on your website, eliminate paper processes and the need for residents to file applications in person. With digital Landlord Registration, Certificate of Continued Occupancy, and Vacant Property Registration forms available online, significant time and work is saved for employees, constituents enjoy convenience, and records are filed and acted upon quickly.

All records are associated with the relevant property and are immediately searchable across all departments, eliminating communication silos and delays. Employees can take and attach notes and images within each property's profile, keeping their colleagues apprised of work status in real-time. 

GovPilot Benefits

  • Reduce the amount of paper applications with digital forms on the municipal website.
  • Increase constituent convenience and satisfaction.
  • Streamline offline business processes by centralizing data and knowledge on one platform, saving significant time and resources.
  • Customize workflows to simplify communication and scheduling.
  • Crowdsource non-emergency citizen concerns via the GovAlert mobile app.
  • Digital Integrations with The International Code Council's (ICC) Code Connect API and General Code’s eCode360, allows GovPilot customers to access codes directly through GovPilot modules.

Automated Scheduling and Communication

GovPilot's code enforcement software increases productivity and saves time for employees by assigning tasks, scheduling inspections and updating constituents on the status of their applications or complaints through automated processes. 

That's valuable time back for employees to take on other critical tasks, and ensure they are responding quickly to the needs and concerns of residents and property owners. 

Customer Success Stories

Elizabeth, NJ

“GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows.”
Darren Bryden

Chief Information Officer



“Utilizing GovPilot, we can easily see trends with violations, plot them by geographic area and see common violators.”
Chris Willms

Zoning and Code Official


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