Government Blockchain: How Local Government Can Use Crypto in 2021

As state and local governments continue to rapidly adapt and innovate as a result of stimulus money and government management...

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Government Innovation 2021: Digital Technology in the Public Sector

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid innovation has been occurring across industries. The public sector is no...

(8 min read )

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Electronic Tabletop Training: A Revolution in Emergency Preparedness

A flood, an active shooter, a tornado, civil unrest or a train derailment are all disasters no matter their origin; man...

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Government Digital Transformation: The Future of Local Government

If there is one silver lining to COVID-19, it’s that it woke society up to how many things were ripe for innovation. Local...

(4 min read )

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What is the American Rescue Plan? What It Means for Local Government

As the United States distributes vaccinations nationwide and sees an ongoing decline in national unemployment rates, the...

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Atlantic City to roll out online portal to assist with new short-term rental regulations

ATLANTIC CITY — The city is implementing an online portal, set to go live Friday, for property owners who wish to offer...

(2 min read )

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