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What Is

You’ve likely heard of The Internet of Things (IoT) before. But do you know what it is, or what it does

(7 min read )

Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

Online Permits 101: Permits You Can Provide To Your Constituents Virtually

Online permitting is a new and modern solution for all municipalities permitting concerns. As you are likely already aware,...

(6 min read )

Tags: Constituent Engagement, Constituent Experience, Digital Transformation

A Comprehensive Guide To Housing Department Operations: Modern Technology Integrations

The housing department is a vital division of local government institutions, addressing and ensuring the fundamental needs of...

(6 min read )

Tags: Government Efficiency, Digital Transformation, GovTech

How Does A Unified Platform Transform Efficiency In Government Operations?

You have likely heard the term “unified platform” tossed around in government or tech circles, but what does a unified platform...

(7 min read )

Tags: Government Efficiency, Digital Transformation

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