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Government Parking Management Strategy: Protect Your Community 2023

By Marisa Pangaro


A proper government parking management strategy is needed to mitigate parking issues and make your community safer and easier to navigate.

There’s no doubt about it, parking in crowded cities is usually a nightmare for everyone involved. For both citizens and visitors of your community, trying to find parking in a populous neighborhood can be stressful. As for code enforcement, trying to prevent and enforce parking violations can be a never-ending task if there’s limited parking options.  

Parking management software can improve municipal / county workflows; better municipal planning can open up space and reduce the need for reliance on cars in your neighborhood. And with the right data collection processes, localities can gain real insights into the effectiveness of parking management strategies and parking enforcement programs. 

This guide will highlight the benefits of parking tech for local governments and give insight into how to improve municipal planning and create less need for cars in the first place. Continue reading for parking management and code enforcement best practices for local governments. 

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What Is Government Parking Management?

Government parking management consists of a variety of strategies meant to maximize existing parking zones, define future parking strategies and zones, and modernize parking code enforcement within a community. Key components of a modern parking management strategy include technological innovation, workflow improvements, and better organized municipal planning.

Parking is a crucial variable for city administrators and department heads to consider. Here are more Critical Things to Consider in Local Government Strategic Planning.

How Can Parking Software Help With Improving Parking Management?

Parking software for local governments will be transformative for your community by helping to improve parking management and efficiency in various ways, including eliminating unnecessary work for your municipal employees and providing more convenience to motor-vehicle drivers. 

Here are specific ways municipal parking management tech helps everyone in your community: 

1. Digital Parking Permit Processes Improve Workflow 

Save time and resources within your local government when you utilize digital parking permit processes that make it simple to apply for and receive critical parking passes needed by your residents and their guests. 

Applications and issuance of parking permits, including handicap placards can be applied for and obtained fully online from your modern government website, eliminating the need for confusing and inefficient paper trails/workflows. 

GovPilot’s parking management software can issue: 

Learn more about How Online Permitting Works.

2. Report-A-Concern Software Is Available

GovPilot’s Report-a-Concern software is an online application that allows citizens to make real-time reports when someone is parked illegally. This government communications channel allows citizens to share the exact geographic location where a car is parked illegally on an intuitive 3D GIS map of your community for better, faster code enforcement. 

3. Real Time Issuance Of Fines With Mobile Field Devices

Finding / ticketing citizens for parking violations and focusing on code enforcement holds everyone equally accountable to park legally while generating revenue for the local government

Code enforcement software allows for enforcement officials to issue fines from the field from government mobile field devices to ensure that parking violations are penalized to discourage illegal parking, usage of citizens’ spaces, or blockage or major roads. 

How Can Local Governments Modernize Code Enforcement Workflows? Here’s everything to know. 

4. Data Collection On Violations That Are Occurring 

Learning where and how frequently parking violations are occurring is a game changer for local governments to anticipate and prevent negative traffic patterns. Cloud-based government software automates the collection of parking data to ensure data that can be analyzed through well-designed reports and dashboards. 

Government analytics can help government agencies decide on

  • ways to improve parking in the community
  • future municipal plans for new parking areas or more walkable neighborhoods
  • which areas need increased parking enforcement
  • actual performance of public sector efforts against measurable government KPIs

5. Pull Up Specific Codes From The Field

Municipal code enforcement officials don’t have every specific code in the back of their minds. They need real-time access to specific parking codes (among many other types of regulations!) GovPilot’s parking management software allows for your municipal workers to reference codes in seconds via their mobile devices. 

6. GIS Map Highlights Places That Are Illegal To Park In

GIS maps of your community allow for better parking management for government workers and citizens alike. Parking zones for the public and community-members can be labeled on an intuitive 3D map, and someone parked illegally can be reported with a simple pin on the map.

On special occasions where streets are closed, the map can be adjusted to inform citizens of alternate routes / parking areas.

7. Streamlined Construction Management Of Parking Lots And Facilities

Managing parking zones makes a big difference in the available parking options for your community, in turn decreasing the amounts of illegal parking and parking violations. GovPilot’s municipal construction software simplifies construction management in your community. 

Parking lot construction is typically a large undertaking that uses up valuable government time, planning, and spending. With digital management options, your local government can manage parking lot construction, planning and zoning, and all related permits via the cloud.

What is the Government Cloud? Here’s what to know.

How To Reduce Reliance On Cars In A Local Community

America continues to become more reliant on cars year after year. Technology and municipal planning can help you make your community accessible without a car, reducing the need to parking in tightly packed neighborhoods. 

Provide citizens with a safe alternative option to driving short distances, while also encouraging exercise and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Communities that provide their citizens with safe on-foot (or bike) travel options are more green, and have less general reliance on cars. 

Working towards transforming your city into a more walkable community improves many aspects of life for citiense, and makes your community greener. 

Read more about How To Make Your City More Walkable and Ways to Encourage Your Citizens to Be More Active

  • Invest in public transit options for your city. 

Public transit is an easier and more affordable option for most citizens than owning and operating a car is; people would opt to use it if it were safe, available, and convenient for them. Dedicate a budget to build up the public transit in your city to reduce reliance on cars and increase access to neighborhoods to stimulate property value growth and local economic development

Keep reading about How To Improve Local Public Transit In Your City

  • Put commercial and public buildings within walking distance from neighborhoods 

Encourages citizens to get out of their homes and walk from point A to point B without the need for a vehicle. Small businesses and public spaces in walkable neighborhoods are more likely to be patronized by citizens if they are just blocks away.

Strategically placing commercial and public buildings throughout neighborhoods makes it more possible for people to live without a car in your community, and still navigate wherever they need to go. 

  • Utilize digital government tech for permitting, business registration, and code enforcement. 

Digitizing citizen services means that people won’t need to drive to public buildings to engage with their local government. Plus, it automates tedious tasks and makes life easier for your government workers too. Win win!. 

Take Advantage Of Parking Management Software Now 

Your local government’s parking management strategy needs to be modernized for more efficient parking code enforcement and better planning for parking (or other transit alternatives.) 

Parking software streamlines parking management with real-time parking violation tracking from government devices, in-person issuance of parking fine violations, digital parking permit issuance, and better parking data collection. To learn more about how the software works, book a free demo below. 

Parking Management FAQS

What are the benefits of government parking management software? 

Government parking management software frees up time for your local government to dedicate to more pressing community issues. This parking management software eliminates all need for paper records and resources dedicated to parking that are less convenient for citizens and local government officials, alike. 

What can parking management software accomplish?

Parking management software transforms communities by reducing all difficult aspects of public parking. Citizens can apply for and receive permits with the software that also allows your local government to issue parking permits or passes, code enforcement penalties, handicap placards, parking tickets, parking violations, appeals and more. 

Why should you reduce reliance on cars in your community?

Reliance on cars is negative for the environment and creates a large carbon footprint as well as more local air pollution. Reliance on cars to travel also limits your citizens from getting out of the house as much or patronizing local businesses. 

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