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Do’s and Don'ts of Local Government Environmental Impact: A Cheat Sheet

When reflecting how you may contribute to sustainability efforts, individual actions may appear minor and inconsequential....

(6 min read )

Tags: GIS Map, Government Efficiency, Digital Transformation, GovTech, Public Health

How to Form a Community Emergency Response Team

As the number of powerful natural disasters continues to increase across the United States every year, local governments need to...

(9 min read )

Tags: Constituent Engagement, GIS Map, Blog, Emergency Management, Civic Engagement

What is Park & Recreation Management Software for Local Governments?

Parks and recreation are a vital part of any thriving community; citizens love having safe, maintained public spaces to engage in...

(5 min read )

Tags: GIS Map, Government Efficiency, Constituent Experience, GovTech

How Mobile Devices Are Transforming Local Government Work in the Field 2023

While some government employees can complete their day-to-day responsibilities without leaving City Hall, most find themselves...

(8 min read )

Tags: GIS Map, GovAlert Mobile App, Government Efficiency, Digital Transformation, Blog, GovInspect App

GIS in Government: How Municipalities Need to Use GIS Maps in 2023

GIS mapping technology plays a fundamental role in powering modern government. From improving the citizen experience to making...

(7 min read )

Tags: GIS Map, Government Efficiency, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

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