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How To Tell Your Story With GIS [Infographic]

by Jessie Kwak on October 29, 2015

Anecdotes and data are two of the most powerful tools in the government storyteller’s kit. Highlighting the story of a young mother whose commute will be made safer through infrastructure improvements is an effective way of explaining why the improvements are needed, and using traffic data to show just how important they’ll be helps solidify that ... READ MORE+

How GIS Can Close the Citizen Engagement Feedback Loop

by Jessie Kwak on September 08, 2015

A good citizen engagement feedback loop needs to be productive and bi-directional, rather than just being a channel for people to complain, or a way for government to push out information. It needs to facilitate reciprocal responses. First, government needs to hear from its citizens in order to know its services are meeting needs. Second, citizens ... READ MORE+

Put Your Data To Work With GovPilot's Public GIS Maps

by govpilot on September 01, 2015

Governments deal with alot of information. READ MORE+

5 Innovative Ways Municipalities Use GIS

by govpilot on July 21, 2015

Governments are moving towards an increasingly transparent relationship with their citizens, a shift that's been aided by technologies like geographic information systems (GIS) which allow them to capture, manipulate, analyze, and present data in a geographical format. READ MORE+