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  • Code Enforcement
  • Pet License
  • Food Vendor
  • Curb Sidewalk Apron

Code Enforcement

One of New Jersey’s most bustling cities can manage and resolve resident issues more efficiently using GovPilot’s Code Enforcement module.

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Union County seat, Elizabeth, is one of New Jersey’s most densely populated cities. Until recently, residents would drop by or call city hall to report code-related concerns to government officials. A paper-based resolution process meant documents were often lost or misplaced. Indeed, Elizabeth officials spent 30% of their day fielding phone calls from residents curious about the status of their request for city intervention.


Elizabeth officials needed a more efficient way to address resident concerns. They found it in GovPilot’s Code Enforcement module. Instead of paying a visit or placing a phone call to city hall, residents can now submit issues through the digital Report a Concern form on Elizabeth’s official website or from their smartphone through the free GovAlert mobile app. Concerns are instantly routed to the appropriate government official and processed via an automated workflow that triggers status updates to complainants at key events. With GovPilot technology handling submission and communication, Elizabeth employees have more time to handle other responsibilities.

  • Elizabeth officials used to record concerns and schedule inspections on paper documents. Now, they coordinate everything digitally through GovPilot.
  • Prior to implementing GovPilot, Elizabeth employees had to search physical file cabinet drawers to retrieve the status of a complaint, violation and/or work order. Today, information can be easily accessed at any time from any device via GovPilot’s cloud-based server.
Eliminated resident walk-ins and phone calls (Now digital and automated)
Drop in time spent on phone calls (Reduced from 8.5 mins to 1.5 mins)
2 Hours Per Day
Saves employees 2 hours per day (Automation expedites processing)
Time saved communicating with requestors/departments (30% of day to 10%)
Darren Bryden

"GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows."

Darren Bryden
Chief Information Officer

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