Columbine Valley, CO



System Replaced

Microsoft Access 

GP Modules Deployed by Columbine Valley

  • Building & Construction Permitting
  • Business Registration
  • Contractor Registration
  • Court Reporting
  • Demolition Permit
  • Dog License
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Park Permit
  • Report-a-Concern
  • Roofing Permit
  • Street Opening
  • Vacant Property Registration

Building and Construction Permitting 

Columbine Valley, Colorado is a suburb of Denver which has seen steady growth over recent years including the development of numerous "mini-mansions". This demand for new residential buildings brought with it a need for the local government to upgrade their construction permitting software in order to ensure responsive services for residents and contractors.   

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For years Columbine Valley relied on an outdated Microsoft Access database for recording, tracking, and reporting on the town’s building and construction activities. As the town grew, and construction permits were submitted more frequently this method of reporting became time consuming, and difficult to process and track paperwork associated with various properties.

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Officials from Columbine Valley knew they needed a modern digital solution to meet the town's growing needs. Stephanie Thelen, the Construction department coordinator began researching building and construction permitting software and discovered GovPilot. After a few demonstrations Columbine Valley purchased several modules from GovPilot to provide a unified cloud-based digital platform. 
Once onboarded, the results in Columbine Valley were immediate. Compared to the prior process, staff now take half the amount of time with GovPilot to process a construction permit application. This year and last year have been some of the busiest for the town. There are currently 95 home developments going up and sometimes multiple permit applications are received each day. 
Thelen reports that with GovPilot's unified platform records for individual addresses are easily found and the digital permitting applications now collect all necessary information from residents and contractors while eliminating the incomplete and illegible forms that were all too common when the town relied on paper applications. In fact, Thelen says that GovPilot saves her hours of work per day in back and forth communication with applicants alone. According to Thelen, the town's neighborhood watch utilize the Report-a-Concern module and find that being able to access unified addresses and records is invaluable. 
With GovPilot officials in Columbine Valley now have automated professionally formatted reporting which can be produced with just a click, and can work remotely at any time.
50% Time Savings
Employees now process building and construction permits in at least half the time it used to take, representing hours saved per week.
10-12 Hours per Week
With end-to-end digital forms and communications back and forth with residents eliminated, staff save hours per week, resulting in higher productivity.
Automatic Reporting
Reports to the council are generated quickly by changing date ranges and exporting in mere clicks instead of a manual spreadsheet.
Instant History
With GovPilot’s Property Profile, employees are able to instantly access building histories at the parcel-level.
Stephanie Thelen

"GovPilot's ease of use and being cloud-based means I can access it from anywhere at any time. Overall GovPilot provides a great experience and it has helped us grow and be more responsive."

Stephanie Thelen
Building Department Coordinator

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