GovAlert App

Empower constituents to report non-emergency issues via their Android & iOS devices. 


Mobile Reporting

Constituents can report a concern - pothole, overgrowth, etc - and attach an image which posts to their government.


Track in Real-Time

Advanced GIS mapping enables accurate tracking of hazards as they are reported, and updating as they are resolved.

Trusted By Forward-Thinking Governments

"Very user-friendly. Constituents have no trouble submitting complaints"
Sharon Abramski, Clerk/Treasurer Manorhaven, NY
"Makes tracking and follow-up on requests very easy. "
Tara Ventola, Deputy Clerk
Glen Ridge, NJ
"GovPilot has allowed me to manage high volume with ease"
Vanessa Nienhouse, Deputy Clerk Haledon, NJ

Real-life examples of local governments that resolved big issues with a little help from GovPilot.

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Any Time. In Real-Time. Anywhere.

Combine the convenience of a mobile app with the real-time reporting power of GovPilot.

Constituents snap a picture of a pothole, overgrowth, damaged street sign, or other non-emergency along with a description of the situation. Whether submitted via the GovAlert mobile app downloaded to their phone, or the GovPilot digital form on their town's website, the concern is geo-tagged on the municipality's GIS map and routed to the appropriate government official, who receives the alert in real-time.



Clear Prioritization

Plot the locations of concerns on GovPilot’s user-friendly, public-facing GIS map in real-time. Employ icons, colors and other visual codes to denote the urgency of concerns and their resolution status. Custom layers allow for clear prioritization of repairs, and deeper insights so that you can take informed steps to resolve your constituents' issues in a timely manner.


Swift, Transparent Issue Resolution

Custom workflows automate submissions, task assignments and other critical processes for optimum efficiency among responding employees. Track the status of hazards as they are reported, the dispatch of personnel to address needs and the updating of constituents on repair and resolution statuses in real-time. 

Customer Success Stories

Elizabeth, NJ

“GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows.”
Darren Bryden

Chief Information Officer



“Utilizing GovPilot, we can easily see trends with violations, plot them by geographic area and see common violators.”
Chris Willms

Zoning and Code Official


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