Eastampton Township, NJ



System Replaced

Manual Paper

GP Modules Deployed by Eastampton Township

  • Business Registration
  • CCO
  • GIS Map
  • Landlord Registration
  • Report-a-Concern

Certificate of Continued Occupancy Inspection

Eastampton Township is a growing community that transitioned from a paper-based CCO application and inspection system to GovPIlot’s cloud-based digital platform.

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Eastampton Township relied on paper-based application, inspection, and record-keeping to administer the township's CCO process. As the town grew, the inefficient process led to redundant communication with residents, excessive phone calls and walk-ins, lost paperwork, an expansive filing system in the basement of the municipal building, a decrease in employee productivity, and frustrated constituents.


Officials from Eastampton engaged GovPilot to provide a digital process. Now, residents and local real estate agents can request records and apply for CCO, directly through a digital form accessed via the town’s website. Automated status emails keep applicants informed through every step of the process, and employees can search records instantly. Today, the township's inspector uses a tablet to inspect properties, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and the need to travel back and forth to the municipal building for filing.

50% to 1% of Day
With GovPilot’s cloud-based digital forms the Clerk’s department reduced time spent on phone and email communication with residents from half of their day to just a few minutes per day.
30 Mins to 30 Seconds
Prior to GovPilot, employees had to search for paper records filed in the basement and relay that information to a colleague or resident. Now, digital records are accessible in seconds by city employees, from any device at any time.
5 Hours Per Week
Replacing paper based inspections with GovPilot’s cloud-based inspection app accessible via mobile devices has saved the inspector five hours per week in travel, paperwork, and communication with staff.
Zero Disruptions
Since adopting GovPilot, Eastampton has maintained business continuity through snowstorms and a global pandemic.
Kim-Marie White

“GovPilot is the perfect partner to work with a growing Township.”

Christina Lucas
Secretary of the Township Manager

"The level of service is by bar far the best customer support I've ever received."

Kim-Marie White
Township Manager & Municipal Clerk | President of the New Jersey Municipal Clerks' Association

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