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Excel Spreadsheets and Manual Paper 

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Building and Construction Permitting

Millsboro, ranked first among 25 Sussex County (Delaware's fastest-growing county) cities in terms of number of residential building permits issued over the past six years, is growing rapidly and sought to digitize its building and construction permitting process.

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Millsboro relied on an ad-hoc process combining paper records and Excel spreadsheets to manually record, track, and report on the town’s building and construction activities. As Millsboro grew, this method of reporting became time consuming, and difficult to process and track paperwork associated with various properties.


Officials from Millsboro engaged GovPilot to provide a cloud-based digital building and construction process. Now, residents and local contractors can submit requests and apply for permits directly via Millsboro’s website. With records and data saved to the cloud, Millsboro employees no longer need to search archives for paper files and can generate reports in just a few clicks, rather than a manual process that previously took an hour working on Excel spreadsheets.
97% Time Savings
Employees now generate complex audits and reports for council meetings in just minutes. The process used to take an hour with Excel.
Automatic Reporting
Reports to the council are generated quickly by changing date ranges and exporting in mere clicks instead of a manual spreadsheet.
Eliminated Archives
Instead of searching for minutes or hours for files in physical archives, employees search a digital record in seconds and print if needed.
Instant History
With GovPilot’s Property Profile, employees are able to instantly access building histories at the parcel-level.
Matthew T. Hall

“With GovPilot, our biggest time savings is in report creation. We can save ranges, filters, and change dates to generate reports quickly.”

Matthew T. Hall
Director of Finance & Technology

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