Atlantic City, NJ



System Replaced

Manual Paper and single-use software

GP Modules Deployed by Atlantic City

  • IT Ticketing
  • Code Enforcement
  • Contract Management
  • Construction Permitting
  • Curb Sidewalk Apron
  • Dog License
  • Food Vendor License
  • Marriage License
  • Open Records Requests (OPRA)
  • Parking Permitting
  • Pet License
  • Rental Applications
  • Report-a-Concern
  • Seasonal Rentals
  • Temporary Open Container
  • Tort Claim
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vital Records
  • Zoning Permit

IT Ticketing

One of New Jersey’s most well-known cities manages and resolves employee and departmental Information Technology (IT) issues more efficiently using GovPilot’s IT Ticketing software.

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With a city workforce of 1,100, Atlantic City relied on a single-use software platform which required employees to send emails alerting IT staff of technology issues or requests. Without a backend management system, IT support requests often took days or weeks to resolve, and many went incomplete, resulting in frustrated employees, malfunctioning equipment and less efficient services for residents.

A key recommendation of the State of New Jersey’s 2018 transition report for returning Atlantic City to self-governance, was for the city to invest in software to manage and share data about services and analyze results. The Atlantic City Implementation plan drafted by the state’s Department of Community Affairs, detailed that, “such software should result in faster delivery of services provided to residents, greater transparency, faster data sharing between city departments and the public, and greater confidence in city government by residents and the broader community.”


Through a competitive process, officials from The State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and Atlantic City thoroughly vetted and ultimately selected GovPilot as the enterprise government management software platform for the city. Atlantic City's Chief Information Officer, Patrick Quinlan worked closely with GovPilot's Customer Success team to deploy multiple modules across several of the city's departments and ensure adoption among employees. 

Mr. Quinlan deployed GovPilot's IT Ticketing module across the entire government to streamline the request and response process thereby ensuring that support and procurement are handled in an organized, timely manner. 

  • Atlantic City officials previously used a single-use email based software which made tracking, prioritization, and reporting difficult and time consuming.
  • With GovPilot's IT Ticketing software, all requests are timestamped and easily prioritized. Status updates are sent automatically, and report generation is done in just a few clicks. 
100% More Efficient
Reporting, response times, and completion rates vastly improved from previous email-based system.
48 Hours to 7 Minutes
Tickets often took days or weeks to resolve with the legacy system. Now the same issues that once took days, take minutes to resolve.
Proactive Solutions
IT staff are able to identify trends in inbound requests and proactively address problems before they become and major issue.
Available 24/7
IT Ticketing and response are available day and night to ensure essential departments like emergency services remain operational.
Patrick Quinlan

“This initiative is a game-changer for city constituents on multiple levels. It makes city government more user-friendly, more convenient and more responsive to its residents.”

Sheila Oliver
Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey



"GovPilot’s IT Ticketing module gives us the intel to solve problems that would otherwise take much longer to figure out.”

Patrick Quinlan
Chief Information Officer, Atlantic City

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