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GovPilot Moves to Microsoft Cloud, Enhances Cybersecurity for Local Government Customers

By GovPilot

Azure adoption brings significant benefits in security, performance, and scalability for GovPilot’s local government customers. 

Manasquan, NJ September 7, 2022 - GovPilot, a provider of modern cloud-based government management software specifically designed for municipal services and county governments has successfully migrated its platform to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. 

The migration affords GovPilot and its local government customers with significant benefits including access to the latest Microsoft cloud technology and security which is already trusted by the Department of Defense, the Intelligence community, and 95% of Fortune 500 companies. 

GovPilot’s Azure adoption comes at a time when local governments are increasingly the target of coordinated cyber attacks and malicious ransomware code which have disrupted operations and services, jeopardized data, and caused significant financial damage to local governments across the country. According to the FBI, local governments accounted for the second-highest victimized group in 2021, trailing only the academic sector as ransomware gangs’ favorite target.

“Local governments in the U.S. have often operated with a mix of paper-based processes, spreadsheets, single-use software, and older on-site server based systems. Not only is this inefficient but it is expensive to maintain and presents a significant cyber risk for local government administrators and their constituents,” said GovPilot Founder and CEO, Michael Bonner. “As a unified cloud-based government management platform, GovPilot aims to be the operating system for local government. This implementation provides our customers with best-in-class availability, reliability, and cyber resilience.”  

With the Azure migration, GovPilot and its customers will realize significant benefits including:

  • Enhanced Security: The GovPilot platform is secured with the latest Microsoft technology.
  • Data Protection: All data is encrypted, and backed-up in multiple locations.
  • Scalability & Performance: Azure provides limitless room to grow, all while preserving performance. 
  • Business Continuity: GovPilot enables users to access the platform 24/7 from anywhere. Azure allows for rapid restoration of services in the event of natural disaster or other catastrophe. 

“By implementing the Microsoft Azure Cloud - trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies and U.S government agencies - GovPilot has made a serious commitment to security. Given the current threat environment, our customers and prospective customers in local government will benefit enormously from the technology provided by Azure,” said Robin Smith, GovPilot’s Chief Operating Officer. 

“GovPilot’s mission is to empower local governments to better serve their constituents and operate efficiently. Our implementation of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is a major part of living up to and delivering on that mission,” added Michael Bonner.  

This press release appeared on Globe Newswire on September 7, 2022. 

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