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What is Municipal Software? Understanding Government Software for Municipalities & Counties

By Beth D'Arcy

As a government official, you’re probably spending a significant amount of time navigating the complexities of rapidly advancing government technology. Learning about new public sector tech and choosing the right solution can feel overwhelming given the sheer number of options flooding the market.

Never fear! We’re standing in the middle of this digital maze alongside you. We understand the gravity of the decisions you make, and how they impact the lives of the people you serve. In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable insights and a better understanding of municipal software, so you'll be well-equipped to harness the power of government software and truly transform your locality. 

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What is Municipal Software?

Municipal software, also known as government management software, is a technology-based solution designed to streamline operations and management tasks in local government. Solutions can significantly enhance the efficiency of processes such as permitting, licensing, code enforcement, service delivery, and more for local governments in cities and townships.  

As the Operating System for Local Governments, GovPilot is trusted by localities to increase efficiency, save resources, and improve productivity. With over 125+ modules to choose from, every local government department can benefit from GovPilot’s solutions. 

How Government Management Software Pricing Works

GovPilot’s transparent pricing is straightforward and based on only two factors: population size and the number of modules selected. Localities can start using GovPilot with only a few modules, in one department, or choose to scale and automate across the entire organization with an unlimited plan. 

Leaders can choose from over 125 templated modules to automate repeatable processes in every department. No matter how many modules you select for your organization, GovPilot comes with unlimited user login accounts and a localized GIS map at no additional cost.     

Benefits of Software for Municipal Governments

Local governments are always looking for ways to offer better service and improve their efficiency. Software for municipalities is a powerful tool capable of doing this – and more. Let’s delve into the specific benefits digital transformation can offer township, city, and county governments:

1. Time Savings 

One of the most valuable assets in any organization is time. Municipal software automates routine tasks using robotic process automation, reducing the time spent on manual processes and allowing staff to focus on more important, intensive tasks. With efficient workflow management, municipal software boosts productivity and delivers services to citizens more quickly.

2. Revenue Generation

Government software systems facilitate seamless online payment options for governments, which not only adds convenience, but also boosts revenue generation by enabling timely collection of fees and fines for your municipality. Software solutions can also reduce errors in financial transactions, leading to cost savings.

How Can Local Governments Generate More Revenue? Here are more sources for boosting your budget. 

3. Cloud Storage and Online Data Access 

One of the key advantages of municipal software is its government cloud storage, which enables secure storage of vast amounts of data that can be accessed anywhere at any time. With access to online data, staff can easily work remotely and citizens can access municipal services without ever stepping foot into an office. 

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4. Removal of Data Silos

Municipal software eliminates data silos by integrating department data to allow for an unified view of data insights. This enables more effective government communication, better coordination of services, and ensures consistency and accuracy of data across departments. 

5. Cybersecurity 

Government technology solutions need to offer robust cybersecurity measures. GovPilot continuously evaluates and tests its security posture through penetration testing, third-party audits, and security awareness training. GovPilot’s application security is best-in-class with encryption, robust access controls, secure hosting, and resilience built in, as seen in its government software cybersecurity overview

Learn more about Government Cybersecurity Best Practices and Lessons from Government Cyber Attacks.  

6. GIS Map Access

Geographic Information System (GIS) maps are crucial tools that aid in planning and decision-making for local governments. Municipal software provides easy access to GIS maps, enabling local governments to make informed decisions about infrastructure planning, emergency response, and other key services.

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7. Digital Application Forms and Automated Workflows

Municipal software easily digitizes application and intake forms, making it simple for residents to apply for permits, licenses, or programs. Automating workflows makes approvals and denials quicker and more transparent, resulting in improved resident satisfaction and engagement. 

Here are popular online forms that can be made available as a section of your government website design:

8. Data Analytics

Many municipal software solutions offer powerful data analytics tools, which help local governments analyze trends, forecast future scenarios, and make data-driven decisions. By providing insights into digitized processes, departments can quickly and accurately identify areas for improvement. 

How Can Local Governments Harness Analytics? Consider these helpful tips. 

Benefits of Government Software for Key Municipal Departments

Government software is transforming how departments operate and deliver services to their residents. Here’s how key departments are benefiting from government software: 

1. Administration

With important decisions to make at every turn, it’s critical for managers, analysts, and administrators alike to streamline routine tasks to free-up time and resources. Municipal software for administrators does all that, plus allows staff to securely access data while working remotely. With data insights available with a few clicks, administrators can quickly make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Here are Tips for Elected Leaders and City Administrators

2. Building Permits and Construction 

Managing building permits and overseeing construction projects becomes much more straightforward with municipal software. Software digitizes application forms, automates approval and denial workflows and enables residents to conveniently apply online, speeding up the entire process. 

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3. Public Health Department

Municipal software greatly benefits public health departments by providing a platform to consolidate and track data, such as disease outbreaks, community risk factors, program enrollment, and more. Municipal software can assist public health departments in other ways, such as managing health inspections, health licenses, business licenses, and even animal intake for animal shelters.  

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4. Public Works

Public works department software can help to plan, manage, and monitor public infrastructure projects, as well as optimize asset management, streamline bulk pickups, and route concerns and service tickets submitted by residents. Tapping into this type of software automation reduces errors and delays, centralizes department data, and improves the customer experience. 

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5. Clerk’s Office

Clerk's office software makes managing public records and legislative information substantially better. Municipal software systems can digitize records, bolster cybersecurity measures, automate agenda creation, and track legislative actions seamlessly.  When records and data are managed digitally, staff and residents can easily access, search, and find what they’re looking for. 

Keep in mind, although we’ve listed only 5 departments that can benefit from municipal software, there’s a software solution for every local government department. From fire prevention and parks and recreation to housing and procurement, modernization is possible for every service and mission. 

Making the Transition from Physical Paper to the Cloud

The shift from manual processes to digital, cloud-based systems can bring significant benefits to all local government departments, but the transition can also seem daunting without a plan in place. Thankfully, making the transition from paper to digital is possible in a few straightforward steps: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current processes to identify areas that could benefit from going digital 
  • Choose the right cloud service provider, taking into consideration factors like reputation, security protocols, customer support, and scalability options
  • Offer staff training to ensure everyone is confident in their ability to use the new technology effectively

What Makes GovPilot the Best Municipal Software Provider?

Finding a trusted software provider that can address your unique needs is crucial. Among the many options available, GovPilot stands out as a reputable, user-friendly solution trusted by localities across the country. Here’s why: 

  • User-Friendly Interface 

Choosing a solution your staff will actually use reflects the value of your investment. GovPilot modules are designed to be intuitive, allowing even those with minimal tech-savviness to navigate the software with ease. Because of its straightforward layout, clear labeling, and user-friendly interface, you’ll spend less time on training and more time spent accomplishing important tasks. 

  • Prioritization of Cybersecurity Best Practices

Cybersecurity is a paramount concern for all organizations, and local governments are no exception. GovPilot understands the importance of safeguarding sensitive data, which is why they prioritize cybersecurity best practices. They go beyond industry standards to ensure your data is protected at all times. With robust encryption and regular system audits, GovPilot provides an extra layer of security that you can rely on.

  • Renowned Onboarding and Customer Support

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a solution and coming to find it will take months of training to start using it effectively. What truly sets GovPilot apart is the straightforward and fast onboarding process that leaves staff feeling comfortable and confident in the new technology in as little as one day. And with a 4.9/5 customer approval rating of GovPilot’s customer support services, your team will always have the support they need to reach success. 

Learn more about How Government Software Onboarding Works with support from the GovPilot Onboarding Team. 

Choose a Unified Operating System to Simplify Government Workflows

As technology rapidly advances, local governments must take proactive measures to bring outdated paper-based systems up to new digital standards. GovPilot’s intuitive interface, rigorous cybersecurity measures, and outstanding customer support make it the ideal choice for local government departments seeking a reliable and effective municipal management software provider. With GovPilot, you're not just choosing a software solution – you're choosing a partner dedicated to the success of your municipal management.

Software for Municipalities: FAQs

  • What is government management software? 

Government management software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline municipal operations, improve efficiency, and increase transparency in government departments. Software aids in automating administrative tasks, managing public records, facilitating communication between departments, collecting data, and tracking performance metrics. It's also equipped with robust security measures to protect sensitive data. 

  • How does municipal software help cities? 

Municipal software helps cities by automating administrative tasks, reducing manual workloads, and enabling staff to focus on higher priority tasks. The software also enhances efficiency by streamlining operations and improving interdepartmental communication and collaboration, which can lead to faster, more effective service delivery. Municipal software also manages public records systematically and tracks performance metrics, offering a clear view of the city's operations. Finally, with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, such software ensures the protection of sensitive data, contributing to a safer and more reliable digital environment for the city.

  • What are synonyms of municipal software? 

Municipal software solutions go by many names, including:

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