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Open Public Records Request (OPRA) Software

Clerks can accept and manage public record requests online. Once submitted, 
the deadline dates and appropriate notifications can be set 
automatically. Departments are then able to easily upload and 
respond to a request with the clerk keeping control over when it is 

Why choose GovPilot Public Records Request Software?

With all of your records stored in the government cloud, open records request software can get you access to critical records in seconds. No more searching through physical paperwork or a disorganized computer system. 

Complete OPRA requests digitally with:

  • Centralized public record storage across departments
  • Accept fees online to generate revenue for your government.
  • Access to documents 24/7 from anywhere in real time
  • Give citizens direct access to critical records directly from your government website
  • 3D local government GIS maps for finding critical property records.


What is OPRA Request Software?

GovPilot's open records request module allows local governments to move record requests and the transmission of government records to a fully digital capacity. Meet deadlines set by federal standards with ease.

How Does It Work?

Once you onboard government software, all of your clerk's department records will be stored in the cloud. Once a citizen submits an public record request application form from your municipal or county website, the relevant public official will be automatically notified and can access and provide the document via an online government-citizen communications channel in a few clicks.

Clerks Department Modules

Award-Winning Software

Do more with fewer resources and provide the convenient online experience your constituents expect.

Spend 15 minutes with an Account Executive. We will listen to your government's challenges and goals so that we can prepare a demonstration of GovPilot tailored to the specific needs of your local government.



Trusted By Forward-Thinking Governments

Watauga TX
"A huge improvement and time saver for residents and clerks"
Municipal Clerk
Trenton, NJ
Watauga TX
"The level of service is by bar far the best customer support I've ever received."
Township Manager & Municipal Clerk | Fmr. President of the NJ Municipal Clerks' Association
Eastampton, NJ
Watauga TX
"Very user-friendly. No trouble submitting or processing forms."
Deputy Clerk
Manorhaven, NY

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