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Managing Local Government Remotely

Municipal Bond Ratings: Yet Another Reason to Enhance Cybersecurity

GovPilot is Pleased to Welcome our Newest Clients

Gone Phishin'

Modern Government Management in the Digital Age

Addressing the Ransomware Threat to Municipalities

GovPilot is Growing!

GovPilot New Jersey League of Municipalities Wrap Up

From Digital Animal Licenses to Pop-Up Rabies Clinics: How These 3 Cities Became More Pet-Friendly

How 4 Local Governments Leverage Data to Better Serve Senior Citizens

National Night Out

Are Smart Kiosks a Smart Form of Revenue Generation?

Should Government Property Double as Ad Space?

Are Electric Scooters Worth the Hype?

Should Recreational Marijuana Use be Legal?

White Picket Fence is the New Black: How Your Town can Capitalize on Suburbia's Resurgence

4 Ways to Safeguard Your Government Data from Email Phishing Scams

Order in the Court: How Technology is Disrupting the United States Judicial System

Kudos to GovPilot’s Customer Service Team

3 Ways GovPilot can Transform Your City into  a Destination

3 Ways to Set Your District Up for Shared Success

The Zodiac Signs as Local Government Stakeholders, Part 2

The Zodiac Signs as Local Government Stakeholders, Part 1

Welcome to Candyland: What a Pop of Color can Do for Your Municipality

Spring Polishing: An Inventory of GovPilot’s Shiny, New and Improved Features

America: Tech, Yeah!

Can Machines Make Local Government Policies More Human?

4 Local Government Employees Who May Want to Explore GovPilot this Conference Season

The One thing Employees Need for Peak Job Performance and Satisfaction

4 Celebrities Who Used to Work for the Government

3 Ways GovPilot Supports Your Building and Construction Department

3 Ways to Promote Data Literacy in Your  Local Government

3 Signs Your Local Government is Stuck in the '80s (and How to Go Back to the Future)

2 Classic Tracking Devices Undergo a Makeover

Flashback Friday: 3 US Presidents Who Leveraged the Latest Technology to Engage with Citizens

We are Living in the Golden Age of Grift. Here’s What that Means for Your Local Government.

Well, Well, Well: 3 GovPilot Modules that Promote Self-Care

Flashback Friday: When Disparate Departmental Data Turned Deadly

3 Qualities of a Great City/County Manager

Flashback Friday: Dr. King’s Gift for Civic Engagement

5 Movies and Television Shows Set in the World of Local Government

3 Gov Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

3 Reasons to Break-Up with Your Current Local Government Software Provider

GovPilot’s Holiday Gift Guide: What Your Coworkers Really Want

Short on Funds? Your Money Goes Further with GovPilot

Step it Up and Roll it Out: Purchasing/Deploying the GovPilot Platform

4 Local Governments that Use GovPilot and How

Recap: GovPilot’s Best NJLM Yet!

The Top 10 Most Commonly Reported Concerns in New Jersey, Part 2

The Top 10 Most Commonly Reported Concerns in New Jersey, Part 1

How Much Does Local Government Software Cost and What is the ROI?

Flashback Friday: The Evolution of Efficiency

How Low Can You Go?: Setting the Bar for Learning Curve Expectations

Forget Crypto. Master the New Currency.

The Last House on the Lien: How GovPilot Can Help Towns Haunted by Vacant Houses

More than a Pretty (Inter)Face: 3 Tips for a Great Government Website

3 Qualities the Best Cities to Live in Share

Site Unseen: Major Website Flaws Most Governments Overlook

7 Government Officials Who Love Their Job, Thanks to GovPilot

SaaS: Software as a Saver (of Time and Money)

10 Features/Capabilities that Set GovPilot apart from the Competition

A Note on Ransomware: The Biggest Cyber Threat to Local Government

The Vanishing Line between Amateur and Expert

3 Reasons Why Counties Can Count on GovPilot

3 Reasons to Get SaaSSy

Want Praise on Yelp? 3 Ways GovPilot can Help!

C U in Court: How 2 Cities are Lowering Crime Rates through Texting

Flashback Friday: The Suspicious Assassination of Louisiana Senator, Huey P. Long, Part 2

Flashback Friday: The Suspicious Assassination of Louisiana Senator, Huey P. Long, Part 1

Win the Race against Pizza

City/County Managers: Keep Your Eyes on These 3 KPIs

Flashback Friday: The Rise and Fall of Tammany Hall

In No Uncertain Terms: The Official GovPilot Glossary

4 GovPilot Processes for a Relaxing Beach Day

4 Qualities of a Smart City

3 Tips to Master the Art of Persuasion or: How to Get Colleagues to Stop Worrying and Love GovPilot

Golden State Killer Arrest: An Answer Raises New Questions about Big Data

3 Benefits of Volunteering

4 GovPilot Processes for a Family Friendly Neighborhood

Corrupted: The Dark Side of Big Data

5 Exotic Pets Residents Can Legally Own

4 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication

4 Reasons Why Departments of Transportation are On Board with GovAlert

The IT Factor: 3 Reasons Why IT Directors Love GovPilot Government Software

Preserve and Protect: The Municipal Art Society of New York Turns 125

3 Ways to Generate Positive Publicity for Your District

3 Ways Local Governments Can Appeal to Millennial Constituents that Don’t Involve Avocado

3 Industries Benefiting from Big Data

Why are We Sharing a Competitor's Success Story?

How Communication Fuels Innovation

Breaking Open the Black Box of Municipal Department Data and Operations

3 Reasons to Adopt GovPilot, According to Customers

3 Technologies that Originated as Government Software

GovPilot Jet is Taking Off: Step Aboard for a First Class Government Software Experience

The Top 3 Local Government Moments of 2017

Tomato, Tomahto, Apps to Oranges

GovPilot Gives Back

GovPilot’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Public Service in the Age of Popcorn Brain

This Thanksgiving and Every Day, GovPilot is Thankful for Our Clients

NJLM 2017: GovPilot's Top 3 Moments

In Honor of GIS Day: Discovering Your District through GovPilot GIS

Survey Says, GovPilot Responds Part 4: 5 GovPilot Tools to Help You Accomplish More in Less Time

Survey Says, GovPilot Responds Part 3: Digitize Forms, Open Data

Survey Says, GovPilot Responds Part 2: 3 GovPilot Tools to Satisfy Your Need for Speed

Survey Says, GovPilot Responds Part 1: A 1-Stop Solution that Benefits City/County Managers in 4 Key Ways

Picture This: A Look at the Evolution of Data Visualization

The Linden, NJ Lifestyle

The Wisdom of the Crowd

GovPilot Talks Public Performance Management with Rutgers’ Andrew Ballard

2 Code Enforcement Approaches to Blight Management. 1 Comprehensive Tool.

GovPilot for Disaster Prevention and Recovery

4 Automated Processes for Autumn

Atlantic Highlands, NJ Reaches New Heights

GovPilot’s FOIA Process: A True Masterpiece

Eclipseville, USA

Change is Good: Convincing Government Employees to Embrace GovPilot

(Why and How) You Can Do Better

3 Common Reasons Governments Stay with Paper (and Why They Should Go Digital)

Summer Fridays

Eastampton, NJ: Young at Heart

Move Over, Housewives. The Real Franklin Lakes, NJ is About to Go Live.

Encouraging Constituent Engagement

Fix it Friday: Redundant Data Entry

Fix it Friday: Image Problems

Fix it Friday: Phone Calls and Visits from Unhappy Constituents

Fix it Friday: Budget Restrictions

Trial, Error and Necessity: The History of Local Government in the United States

Fix it Friday: Piles of Paper Documents

4 GovPilot Capabilities for Less Taxing Tax Assessment

3 Reasons Why Google Chrome is Gold

Cool for the Summer: 2 Ways GovPilot Benefits Beach Towns

3 New GovPilot Capabilities Guaranteed to Triple Productivity

The Link between Zika and Property Blight

Ease into E-Government with GovPilot's Map and App Bundle


In Honor of Earth Day: 3 GovPilot Processes that Promote Outdoor Activity

2 GovPilot Processes to Help You Better Serve Baby Boomers

Lepto Outbreak: The Latest Good Reason to Implement GovPilot’s Pet Licensing Process

GIS Helps Government Weather Inclement Weather

GovPilot's Role in the Continued Evolution of Code Enforcement

3 Celebrities Putting the “Star” in Startup

5 GovPilot Tools Helping Mosquito Control Departments Prepare for Another Summer of Zika

Exploring and Exceeding E-Government Expectations: Part 2

GovPilot Felt the Love in February

5 New and Improved GovPilot Capabilities

Exploring and Exceeding E-Government Expectations: Part 1

Grey Gardens in Bloom

3 Keys to a Strong Relationship between Government and Constituent

2017 is Shaping-Up to be GovPilot’s Year

4 Five Star Client Reviews that Have GovPilot Feeling Loved

GovPilot Hits the Road

In Honor of the iPhone's 10th Birthday: 3 Examples of Gov on the Go

Mapping Progress: GovPilot GIS' Place in the Evolution of Cartography

A New Year Brings New and Improved Government Operations to Moorestown

GovAlert Mobile App Brings Civic Engagement into the Smartphone Era

Move Over, Amazon!: The Rise of the Municipal Online Marketplace

An Amazing End to an Incredible Year for GovPilot

3 New Year's Resolutions Every Local Government Should Make

5 of GovPilot's Proudest 2016 Accomplishments

Illumination: How GovPilot Upholds United States Freedom of Information Laws

5 Questions for Benjamin Doda, 1 of the New Jersey Tech Scene’s Biggest Champions

A November to be Thankful For!

3 Reasons to Implement GovPilot's Pet Licensing Process this Holiday Season

3 Reasons Why GovAlert is the Next Yelp

Sessions and Celebrations: The GovPilot Team Worked Hard and Played Hard at NJLM's 2016 Conference

Zika Continues to Threaten,GovPilot Continues to Evolve

Manasquan Borough, New Jersey: Nice Place to Visit, Great Place to Live

GovPilot’s Harvest Season is in Full Swing!

Spooky Scenario: How GovPilot Could Help in the Event of a Zombie Invasion

3 Reasons to Automate Your Government Processes

Flashback Friday: How the South Bronx Went from Devastation to Destination

How New Providence, NJ Won Fall 2016

GovPilot Welcomes New Clients and a New Season

GovPilot’s Experience at Rutgers PPMRN 2016

Of the People, by the People, for the People: The Mutual Benefits of Civic Engagement, Part 2

Of the People, by the People, for the People: The Mutual Benefits of Civic Engagement, Part 1

Ride the Ride-Sharing Wave with GovPilot

Camden County Holds Press Conference to Announce Use of GovPilot Mosquito Control Software in Zika Virus Pandemic Prevention Efforts

3 Benefits of GovPilot’s New Global Search Feature

Summer Heat: How GovPilot Helped Local Government Meet the Challenges Presented by the Summer 2016 Zika Virus Pandemic

Unique Accommodations: GovPilot Can Help Cities Use Airbnb’s Business Model to Their Advantage

4 Ways GovPilot Goes for the Gold

Death by Neighborhood: The High Risk of Living Amongst Vacant Properties

3 GovPilot Modules that Make Landlord Life More Manageable

My Summer Internship at GovPilot, by Jesse Dorbian

Build Your Own Government

Say “Yes” to the Process: GovPilot Allows Clerks to Enjoy Wedding Season

Is Online Voting the Future?

GovPilot (Literally!) Shined at NACo 2016

The Pros and Cons of the Property Tax Industry, According to the Pros

A Day in the Life of a Tax Assessor

3 Similarities between GovPilot and Pokemon Go


Celebrate Summer with GovPilot!

Tales from the Tax Assessor’s Office: GovPilot Unveils Tax Assessment Software, Just in Time for IAAO’s 82nd Annual International Conference on Assessment Administration!


The Collaborative Governing Program’s 4 Steps for Conflict Resolution

4 Ways GovPilot Prevents the Spread of Zika

Watch GovPilot's Sales Team in an Interview Segment Filmed at Propeller Fest

GovPilot Partners with Pictometry International to Offer a More Robust Geographic Information System

GovPilot Reviews Sustainable Jersey’s 2016 Sustainability Summit

GovPilot Interviews Northeast Tech Visionary, Aaron Price

Where to Eat?: GIS Answers the Age Old Question

GovPilot Reviews Propeller Fest

GovPilot Salutes Public Works Professionals

3 Ways GovPilot Could Sweeten the Pot for Atlantic City

GovPilot Partners with Rutgers Business School

April's Accomplishments

5 Ways Cities Can Go Green

GovPilot™’s Review of NJ GMIS TEC 2016

5 Areas of Local Government Improved by GovPilot™’s GIS Map

3 Reasons Why GovPilot Clients Don’t Sweat Tax Caps and Budget Cuts

3 Highlights of the New Jersey Future 2016 Redevelopment Forum

3 Pros of Public-Private Partnerships

How Crowdsourcing Helps Governments Solve Big Problems

How Cities Are Leveraging Data To Reduce Property Vacancy

How Detroit Is Using Innovation To Tackle Their Vacant Property Problem

City of Paterson, NJ Uses GovPilot's GIS For Special Tax Lien Auction

How Smart Cities Use Mobile Technology To Be More Business Friendly

How Governments are Using Digital Services to Encourage Small Businesses

How Cities Are Using Innovation To Combat Vacant Properties

6 Things Your Government Needs To Consider Before Implementing GIS

How To Create A Constituent-Centric Approach to E-Government

The City Of Newark, NJ Signs onto GovPilot

The Best Automated Workflows for Government: A Cheat Sheet

How E-Government Can Help Small Cities Overcome Big Challenges

5 Ways GIS Helps Cities Make Smarter Decisions

How To Tell Your Story With GIS [Infographic]

GovPilot Enters New York Market With Albany Partnership

5 Steps To A Paperless Government

5 Ways Governments can Save Money Moving To the Cloud

6 Ways Governments Can Use Twitter To Engage Constituents

Your Guide To A Paperless Government: Tools and Terms

3 Consituent Services Your Government Should Move Online Today

10 Reasons Why Your Government Should Go Paperless

GovPilot To Attend The New York State Association Of Counties Fall Seminar

How GIS Can Close the Citizen Engagement Feedback Loop

Put Your Data To Work With GovPilot's Public GIS Maps

Morristown, NJ Moves The Needle With GovPilot

5 Best Practices For E-Government and E-Commerce Services

As Governments Go Paperless, Will Vulnerable Constituents Be Left Behind?

GovPilot To Attend The New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference 2015

How Your City Can Prepare For the Internet Of Things Revolution

Why Your City Should Consider Hiring A Chief Information Officer

Smart Ways Governments Use Social Media To Connect With Constituents

5 Innovative Ways Municipalities Use GIS

Bring Your Departments Together with GovPilot

Could Open Data Stop Abuse Of New Jersey's OPRA Law?

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey Uses GovPilot To Go "Paperless"

5 Awesome Apps Born From Civic Hackathons

GovPilot Q & A With Adam Loehner, Deputy Administrator of South Orange, New Jersey

Why Municipal Governments Need to Be More Like Startups