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Upper Providence, PA Deployed IT Ticketing and Compost Disposal Application Modules With GovPilot

By GovPilot

Upper Providence, PA expands their partnership with the government management software provider to streamline operations and government services in the municipality. 

UPPER PROVIDENCE: Customer Since 2024 with 3  Total Modules Deployed

May 13, 2024 - Upper Providence Township, PA has implemented additional government management software solutions into their municipal offices for 2024 in order to automate processes, digitally manage data, and engage citizens via the cloud with GovPilot - the Operating System for Local Governments. In collaboration with GovPilot, a government management software provider based in New Jersey, this municipality of Delaware County, expanded a partnership that will allow the local government to access new, modern, software solutions across the municipality. 

This partnership aims to provide both citizens and government officials simplified access to data and information that will save valuable time and resources across the board. GovPilot’s customer success rates and stellar reviews set this government management software provider apart from all others, streamlining the implementation of new software solutions efficiently and successfully for Upper Providence. 

Upper Providence added the following solutions to their municipality:  

  • IT Ticketing Module
  • Compost Disposal Application Module

Learn More About The Modules

IT Ticketing Module: An internal form for your municipality that allows employees to send a service request digitally, which then creates a ticket that gets forwarded to the appropriate team or staff for fulfillment.

Compost Disposal Application Module: An online application that allows constituents to submit requests for compost disposal. 

All additional software solutions deployed by Upper Providence in 2024 will continue to simplify and digitize once manual, paper-based government processes, allowing for government workers to dedicate their valuable time to more pressing municipal tasks, and saving constituents the hassle of traveling to city hall in person. 

GovPilot By the Numbers for 2023

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About GovPilot: 

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