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Future of Government 2023: Technology & Public Policy Trends Shaping the Public Sector

Local government will never be the same. A bold take, but nevertheless true. Technology is roaring along in the fast lane, and...

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Government Continuity Strategy 2023: Government Procedures During a Crisis

It’s hard to forget the current events of the past few years, many of which left many Americans shocked and underprepared when...

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Florida Infrastructure Bill Grants 2023: Using Federal Infrastructure Funds in FL

Both federal and state authorities acknowledge the essential improvements required to modernize America's physical and digital...

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What is Azure for Government? Everything to Know 2023

Government agencies have a lot to consider when choosing a cloud partner: data storage, cybersecurity, and accessibility to data...

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7 Local Government Fleet Management Tips 2023: Manage Vehicles & Assets

Every local government has a variety of vehicular assets and equipment across multiple departments to acquire, maintain, and...

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15-Minute City Guide for Local Governments: Making Municipalities More Accessible 2023

When you think of major cities, which comes to mind: pedestrians or cars? Chances are, you’re probably thinking of a lot of...

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