Modern Government 2023: Tech and Events Shaping the Future of the Public Sector

Whether it was a good year or a bad year for your community, 2021 was a memorable year to say the least. 

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Municipal Planning Strategy for Local Governments 2023

COVID-19 turned local governments, economies, and businesses on their heads. Outdoor dining became a staple in states where...

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Three Ways to Improve Municipal Services for Decades to Come

Local governments have been challenged in unprecedented ways since March 2020. But even before COVID-19 forced governments,...

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How Local Governments can Respond to Challenges with Digitization

The COVID-19 outbreak has had an immense impact on society and the economy. Local governments across the U.S. have been on the...

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Murphy Announces $37 Million in Funds for Counties to Combat COVID-19

Governor Murphy Announces $37 Million in Funding for Counties to Combat COVID-19

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Four Reasons for Local Governments to Leverage Public-Facing GIS Maps

In our digital age there is no shortage of data available that can help local governments make informed decisions to improve...

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