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How Crowdsourcing Helps Governments Solve Big Problems

by govpilot on February 24, 2016

When we talk about crowdsourcing it can be tempting to place it in the box of new technology along with social media, apps, and mobile. But governments have been turning to large groups of people to solicit input, generate ideas, and solve problems for centuries. READ MORE+

How Detroit Is Using Innovation To Tackle Their Vacant Property Problem

by govpilot on January 28, 2016

According to The Detroit News, since 2005, more than one third of Detroit properties have been foreclosed on because of mortgage defaults or unpaid taxes – almost 140,000 properties. When those homes aren’t reoccupied, they often end up on the city’s blight list, a list that has already 84,000 properties on it. READ MORE+

City of Paterson, NJ Uses GovPilot's GIS For Special Tax Lien Auction

by govpilot on January 26, 2016

The City of Paterson, NJ is partnering with GovPilot's, a government management software provider, Geographic Information System (GIS) to support a special tax lien sale on Feb. 4, 2016. READ MORE+

How Smart Cities Use Mobile Technology To Be More Business Friendly

by govpilot on January 14, 2016

On the road to a complete economic recovery, US cities need all the help they can get. Many are finding this help, in the form of technology, can give them an edge by: READ MORE+

How Governments are Using Digital Services to Encourage Small Businesses

by govpilot on December 31, 2015

It’s not a surprise that when local governments invest in infrastructure – roads, utilities, and services – it increases the potential for economic development. What’s less well-documented is how local government investment in e-government infrastructure and services impact economic development. READ MORE+

How Cities Are Using Innovation To Combat Vacant Properties

by govpilot on December 22, 2015

Vacant properties can be a huge problem for cities, inviting vandalism and crime while dragging down the property values of the home surrounding them. Since the housing crisis of 2008, many cities have been stuck in a downward spiral of diminishing property values and foreclosures – and the resulting lower property taxes have hampered the city’s ... READ MORE+

6 Things Your Government Needs To Consider Before Implementing GIS

by govpilot on December 15, 2015

Across the globe, local governments are using geographic information systems (GIS) to engage citizens, deliver improved services, and inform their decision making. GIS can be a powerful tool to analyze and understand the vast amounts of location-based data that local governments collect. Its uses are varied, from giving law enforcement agencies ... READ MORE+

How To Create A Constituent-Centric Approach to E-Government

by govpilot on December 08, 2015

With e-government services, citizens get access to government on their own timeline, 24/7, from their home or their office – without making a special trip downtown. The value doesn't just lie in the convenience for the user, however. It can also result in resource-strapped governments being able to extend their services more widely. READ MORE+

The City Of Newark, NJ Signs onto GovPilot

by govpilot on December 07, 2015

The City of Newark, New Jersey recognizes the importance of providing its constituents with technology that can improve their lives. They have already committed to initiatives like the "Firebolt" Wi-Fi network and its free "Art (of) Code" web development training program for residents.  Developing a user-friendly geographic information ... READ MORE+

How E-Government Can Help Small Cities Overcome Big Challenges

by govpilot on November 17, 2015

Often, e-government is presented as an all-or-nothing solution. We love to point to cities which have become fully connected, automated even the smallest of processes, and fully embraced Internet of Things technology to coordinate everything from garbage pickup to traffic reduction. READ MORE+