Ease into E-Government with GovPilot's Map and App Bundle

Posted by alannah on May 12, 2017

As evidenced by GovPilot’s expanding client list, local governments across the United States are embracing e-government tools and practices. According to international news headlines, India, Estonia and the rest of the world is following suit. E-government has grown so ubiquitous, that pretty soon, we may be referring to it as simply “government”.


If you’re a government official looking to join the e-government movement, you’ve come to the right place. GovPilot is offering our Map and App bundle at a new low rate to first-time clients. We outline both components and tell you why the Map and App bundle is the perfect stepping stone to more convenient, more transparent e-government-powered operations.

The App

You’ve seen peoples’ eyes wandering toward it during conversations. They use it to find information, pay bills and otherwise participate in society. Honestly, you probably do too. The smartphone plays an integral role in our daily lives.Indeed in 2017, the way to a constituent’s heart is through their smartphone.

Available for free download for both iOS and Android, GovAlert sits on a constituent’s smartphone screen, beside their most frequently used apps. A wizard format directs them to snap a picture of a pothole, missing street sign or other non-emergency concern. The constituent drafts a brief description and hits, “Submit”. In the time it takes to send a text message, they’ve generated a comprehensive report and sent it to the appropriate government official.

Upon receipt, the concern winds its way through your standard order of operations and chain of command with unparalleled speed — thanks to GovPilot’s automated workflow. This feature also automates alerts that assure constituents that their concern is being considered, addressed and, ultimately, resolved.

Available for free download for both iOS and Android, GovAlert sits on a constituent’s smartphone screen, beside their most frequently used apps.

GovAlert holds your finger on the pulse of the public’s desires and concerns, improving relations between government and constituents.

The Map

Once reserved for strictly military use, GovPilot has made geographic information system (GIS) mapping technology accessible to local government officials.

The GIS map is where your data sets come to life.

The GIS map is where your data sets come to life. Illustrate concerns reported via the GovAlert mobile app on an internal GIS map for deeper insight into longstanding and emergent issues plaguing your community. Custom layers and flexible views allow you to easily pinpoint problem areas and identify any patterns you may be overlooking.

Publish a version on your website to show constituents that their concerns have your full attention and highlight the reach and complexity of your resolution efforts.


Like surf to turf, GovPilot’s GIS map is the perfect complement to constituent use of our GovAlert app. The two work together to inform you of important issues and help you to swiftly and effectively address them.Is it mere coincidence that “Map” and “App” rhyme and so do better “internal operations” and “constituent relations”? We think not! Take advantage of this great offer and experience the efficiency that the rest of the world enjoys.