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  • Open Records Requests (OPRA)
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Open Public Records Requests

At 115.2 square miles of total area, Galloway Township is the largest municipality in the State of New Jersey. Galloway sought to streamline the government's Open Records Request (OPRA) process which relied on a time-consuming, inefficient manual paper process. 

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The Galloway Clerk's Department faced difficulty ensuring that OPRA requests were processed in a timely manner and that requestors were kept apprised of the status of their applications. Prior to GovPilot, Galloway relied on a manual process including paper forms, hand written transposing of information, and follow up phone calls. This often left the Clerk's Office overwhelmed by paperwork and struggling to process requests within the state mandated seven business day time period.

OPRA requests were often received via email or fax, which then had to be printed out, and transposed by hand into the Clerk's Department paper log book. The request was then faxed, or scanned and emailed to the relevant department. That department would then fax or email the response to the Clerk's Department, which in turn had the requestor come to the office to pick it up, or faxed or emailed the response on to the requestor. 

This led to a backlog in the processing of OPRA requests, which often meant a difficulty in the department to fulfill requests within the state-mandated seven business day requirement. 


The Galloway Clerk Department adopted GovPilot to digitize their OPRA request, processing, delivery, and filing processes. With GovPilot, the paper processes and manual tasks which once made the OPRA process cumbersome and time consuming, have been digitized and streamlined. 

The staff now saves hours per day and no longer operates with a backlog of OPRAs to process. Records are stored digitally and are easily searchable in a matter of clicks, rather than filed away in the basement. 

  • Requests are fulfilled quickly via email, unless an in office pick up is arranged. 
80% Less Time Spent
Employees reported a significant decrease in time spent communicating with requestors and other departments - from 50% of their day to just 10%.
80% Fewer Incompletions
Illegible and incomplete requests decreased from 50% to 10%.
Immediate Processing
The staff is able to process incoming OPRA’s immediately thanks to required submission fields.
Half a Day to One Hour
Using a manual, paper process it took staff more than half a day to process and assign incoming OPRA requests. With GovPilot it takes just one hour.
Kelli Daniele

"GovPilot software makes our work much more efficient with automatic responses and request fulfillment."

Kelli Daniele
Head Clerk

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