Jackson Township, NJ



System Replaced

Paper and single-use server-based software

GP Modules Deployed by Jackson Township

  • Alarm Registration
  • Certificate of Continued Occupancy (CCO)
  • Clothing Bin Donation
  • Construction Permit
  • Contract Management
  • Disabled Veteran Tax
  • Dog License
  • Dumpster Permit
  • Employment Application
  • GIS Map
  • Hawker License
  • Judicial Open Records Request
  • Kennel, Pet Shop, Animal Shelter License
  • Landlord Registration
  • Marriage License
  • No Knock Permit
  • Open Records Request (OPRA/FOIA)
  • Peddlers License 
  • Receipt and Expense Tracking
  • Report-a-Concern
  • Resident and Non-Resident Parking Permit
  • Senior Citizen Tax Deduction
  • Solicitor License
  • Street Opening
  • Taxi/Auxiliary/
    Rideshare License
  • Trailer Park Permit
  • Tree Removal Permit
  • Vacant Property Registration
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vital Records Request
  • Zoning Permit

Digital Transformation & Business Continuity

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackson Township recognized the value of cloud-based government management, and selected an Unlimited account.


Having relied on paper and a server-based system to process and deliver services, and facing the prospect of keeping employees out of their offices during the pandemic, Jackson officials realized that operations and business continuity would be severely impacted without rapid digital transformation.




After accessing GovPilot’s ten free modules made available during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackson’s forward-thinking officials decided to proceed with GovPilot’s full suite of cloud-based modules.

Over the course of six weeks, GovPilot rapidly onboarded thirty critical modules including a public facing GIS map with custom data layers and a digital Report-a-Concern feature, Public Open Records Requests, No-knock Permitting, and Receipting and Expense Tracking which among other things will be utilized by Jackson to track COVID-19 related expenditures for FEMA reimbursement.

  • The Clerk’s team was enthusiastic during on-boarding and took advantage of GovPilot’s Best Government Practice templates across their new modules. Jackson’s clerks now have a clear understanding of their workflows and access to seamless real-time reporting.
Remote Work
Implementation of cloud-based digital forms enabled the Clerk’s department to operate remotely while continuing to provide services to residents.
40 Hours per Month
Digitized forms and processes save the five employee Clerk Department a week’s worth of time every month, to spend on other critical tasks.
One Day
Time clerks reported it took to learn and feel comfortable using GovPilot.
6 Weeks, 30 Modules
In just six weeks, GovPilot was able to work with Jackson staff to onboard, and deploy thirty modules across departments, critical to city operations and constituent services.
Janice Kristy

"GovPilot saves us a tremendous amount of time. I’ve been telling the council what a terrific investment it was. We’ve been able to continue providing services to residents despite having to work remotely. I can even work from my phone!"

Janice Kristy
Township Clerk & Registrar

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