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Best Public Sector Software 2023: Ways Governments Use Technology to Save Time & Money

By Harrison Kelly

Across the board, public agencies are embracing the recent advancements in government technology to make a full government digital transformation

But if you feel like you can’t keep up with all of the rapid government innovation, you’re not alone. With technological advancements heightened by lessons from the pandemic, many officials that are accustomed to traditional government workflows are feeling left in the dust. 

Fortunately, public sector software isn’t as scary as it seems. And once you get acclimated, online data storage and the automation of time-consuming administrative tasks will quickly make your switch to software worthwhile. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the types of government software solutions that are bringing positive change to public agencies, as well as the specific use cases for critical municipal and county departments.

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What is Public Sector Software?

Public sector software, often referred to as GovTech (government technology) or government software is exactly what it sounds like; government departments can use third-party technology to automate workflows and digitally store public data. 

Modern public sector technology allows government agencies to:

  • store data in the cloud instead of paper / on site computer systems 
  • break down silos with one integrated communications channel for your staff and private contractors / vendors 
  • keep public data cyber secure and backed-up
  •  digitize citizen services like permitting, open record requests, etc.
  •  save time and money with the automation of government workflows
  •  collect tangible data for better decision making

Follow along for the types of advancements that government software can bring to every government department. 

Key Benefits of Public Sector Software

The following benefits are universally loved by public sector officials in any department: 

1. Cloud Data Storage

The government cloud can be used universally by every municipal and county department. 

Once you onboard government software, your public officials can upload every existing document to a digital format. Moving forward, anything from inspection records to permit applications can be stored and easy to access online via the government cloud

GovPilot has partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer cyber secure cloud storage for local governments across the country. Learn more about the benefits to Modern Government Data Storage

2. Digital Government Correspondence

Online government communications allow for public workers to better pass along data within their departments, with other departments, with federal, state, and county governments, citizens, and with private contractors.

GovPilot’s encryption of digital data means that you can securely share critical information and documentation from anywhere at any time. 

3. Online Citizen Services 

Municipal services can be fully digitized for a better citizen experience that also saves time and money. Citizens and business owners can apply for critical permits and licenses online and upload all related documentation. 

From there, public workers can approve or decline the application digitally. If the application is denied, the government official can provide clear cut insight into the necessary steps to reapply and get approved.

Here are popular citizen services that GovPilot allows your locality to move online:

4. Cyber Security 

Moving government data storage to the cloud is safer and more secure than using on-site computer systems or paper-based filing. 

You can check out our government software cybersecurity overview for clear insight into the many benefits of GovPilot, including data encryption, recurring penetration testing, and IT disaster recovery protocols to keep data safe. 

Regular data backups ensure that, even if a hack occurred in your community due to human error, you won’t have to fear the permanent loss of critical data due to a ransomware attack. 

Learn more about preventing breaches in your community in the Government Data Breach Prevention and Government Employee Cybersecurity Training resources.  

5. Automation of Government Workflows

Using robotic process automation, tasks like filing paperwork, looking up property records, and collecting government fees and fines can be automated. 

Automating these tasks frees up time and energy for busy government officials to allocate their time wisely. Have workers spend less time doing monotonous tasks and more time focused on objectives they’re passionate about. 

6. Collection of Tangible Data

With online storage of data and virtual submission of applications, your government will collect and be able to see data in real time. 

Which application forms are generating revenues? What types of concerns are being reported on your complaint management system? Are infrastructure projects being completed on time?

These important metrics related to your government key performance indicators and more can be answered in moments using GovPilot’s simplified dashboard and data reporting. 

What are Specific Benefits of Public Sector Software in Key Local Government Departments?

GovPilot has built unique government software solutions for every department

Whether you’re a city administrator or department head, here are key ways to make improvements to your workflows in critical municipal departments:

1. Clerks / Administration

If you’re using antiquated filing systems, dozens of hours a week are spent filing permit and license applications and related documents, responding to public record requests, and other key clerical local government functions. 

GovPilot’s clerk’s department software moves all administrative workflows to government cloud storage systems. Applicants can submit permit and license applications digitally. Clerk’s can access documents as soon as they’re uploaded. 

Public record requests can be filled in a moment's time through a simple property record lookup on your local GIS map that is included with any GovPilot pricing plan. 

2. Construction & Housing 

A key component in local economic development is development of commercial and residential real estate. Construction permits and related documents can be submitted and approved digitally to expedite the construction process and keep property records organized. 

Private contractors and vendors can get access to cloud-based public record storage via GovPilot to ensure cyber secure access to critical information by your third-party construction partner. 

Learn more about How Permitting Software Works

3. Government IT 

As more departments embrace using government technology and designing modern government websites, there is an increased need and reliance on government tech workers

With GovPilot, government IT ticketing is moved to a simplified dashboard. Any time a tech issue arises in any local government department, the problem will be time stamped and accessible within that dashboard until completed. IT projects will be organized in one place, and IT department government officials will be held accountable to get tech issues addressed in a timely fashion. 

What Should Be Included in a Government IT Strategy? Here’s everything to know. 

4. Finance and Purchasing 

Get a clear view into where your local government budget is being spent, as well as which government revenue sources are creating the most funds for your locality to implement.

Use government procurement software to keep track of money being spent on subcontractors and vendors. Learn more about how GovTech helps with Government Logistics Management

5. DPW and Engineering 

Department of public works software as well as engineering department software prioritize moving work orders, asset management, and inspection and maintenance forms to a completely digital capacity. 

Need to remind workers about an upcoming maintenance project or inspection? Government scheduling notifications can automatically remind key officials of an upcoming project to keep things organized. 

Here are more tips for Local Government Asset Management.

6. Code Enforcement 

Modern local code enforcement is needed to enforce critical policies and keep citizens safe

Using code enforcement software, public officials can issue fines from the field and pull up ordinances in real-time from a government mobile field device.

With report-a-concern software, code enforcement officials can receive notifications from citizens about non-emergency issues such as noise complaints, illegal parking, etc. to more quickly address key issues in the community. What better way to encourage citizens to partake in civic engagement

The Best Public Sector Technology

If you’re looking for the best public sector software for local governments, look no further. GovPilot is the Operating System for Local Governments, with 8+ years invested into developing government management software with support from municipalities nationwide to offer universal benefits across departments and craft specific solutions for every single government department.

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Public Sector Software FAQs

  • What is Public Sector Technology?

Public sector technology (also known as government technology) is software meant to move government entities to a more digital capacity. Cloud storage of public data, digital application forms for permits and licenses, real-time data collection, and 3D gis maps of a local community are some of the most popular software solutions used by governments to keep data safe and save time and money.

  • Why is GovPilot the Best Public Sector Software?

GovPilot created the Operating System for Local Governments in order to save time and money in every government department and make for better municipal services via automation. In addition to offering software modules such as GIS maps, online application forms, and cyber secure cloud-based data storage in any local government department, the brand recognizes that government innovation means different things for different departments.

GovPilot has software solutions crafted specifically for every local government department in order to address their problems / workflows directly. 

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