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5 of GovPilot's Proudest 2016 Accomplishments

By Alannah Dragonetti

It’s that time of year again.The halls are decked, the menorahs are polished and the silver ball shimmers over Times Square, poised for its annual plunge. As 2016 draws to a close, the GovPilot team is taking a moment to reflect on this year’s progress.

With so many achievements to choose from, it was difficult to narrow the list to just 5, but like everything else, GovPilot managed to do it. Read all about our 2016 triumphs below!

5 of GovPilot's Proudest 2016 Accomplishments

2016 was a great year for GovPilot! This year, we enjoyed:

  1. Growth

More than anything, 2016 was a  year of rapid growth for GovPilot. Our client list spread throughout our native New Jersey and into far away territories such as Jackson County, Mississippi and Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We are proud that our platform is flexible enough to serve various departments in different areas of the diverse and beautiful United States.

Of course, this year’s external expansion wouldn’t be possible without internal growth. GovPilot has welcomed new Business Analysts, Designers and everyone in between. All of the fresh ideas have contributed to the next items on our list.

GovPilot welcomed new employees and new clients in 2016. GovPilot welcomed new employees and new clients in 2016.

2. A Rebrand

If you’ve seen our homepage recently, you’ll notice a few changes. In addition to a new, sleek color scheme, it now features glowing client reviews and a link to our Zika white paper, just as relevant now as it was upon its initial August publication.

Those who visited our booth at November’s New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) conference in Atlantic City, NJ  or National League of Cities (NLC) summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania may have left with a glossy new GovPilot brochure. Gorgeous images combined with updated copy communicate the GovPilot platform’s value.

GovPilot's 2016 makeover included a brochure redesign. GovPilot's 2016 makeover included a brochure redesign.

If you’ve yet to put your hands on a shiny, new GovPilot brochure, we plan to spend 2017 at tradeshows across the nation. Check our website as well as your inbox for booth information.

3. Continued Partnership with NJAC

GovPilot has always been close with our friends at the NJ Association of Counties (NJAC) but our bond strengthened in 2016. Since July, NJAC has featured a GovPilot story in each month’s NJ County Biz newsletter. We are honored to see our pieces alongside all of the newsletter’s informative and entertaining articles. Looking forward to maintaining this closeness and hoping to continue this trend in the new year!

Click here to access the NJ County Biz newsletter archive and keep your eyes peeled for  a fresh issue around the 15th of each month!

4. Helping Camden County, NJ Combat Mosquitoes

Obviously, 2016 was not without tragedy. This was the year in which rates of infants born with microcephalic features and other birth defects skyrocketed. Researchers linked the rise to an uptick in pregnant women treated for symptoms of the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

Client Camden County, NJ applied the GovPilot platform to efforts to prevent the spread of the devastating Zika pandemic.As covered by major national media outlets, including  CBS , FOX and ABC, Camden County’s online public health resource expanded to include a digital “Report a Mosquito Issue in Your Town” form. Built from a user-friendly template county officials selected from GovPilot’s extensive library, the form prompts complainants to disclose details of local mosquito infestation. The form guarantees that residents’ mosquito-related concerns are addressed swiftly, transparently and effectively.

5. The Launch of GovAlert

As we move further into the 21st century, smart phone culture tightens its grip around every facet of our lives. GovPilot’s GovAlert mobile app empowers constituents to connect with government officials the way that they connect with everyone else—via their smartphone.

The GovAlert mobile app: constituent engagement for the 21st century. The GovAlert mobile app: constituent engagement for the 21st century.

Users snap a picture of litter, a pothole or similar violation/public health and safety hazard. They have the option of supplementing the image with a brief description. In the time it takes to send a text message, the concern is sent to their local government, as determined by device location settings. The appropriate government official receives the alert in real time. If the administration is a GovPilot client, the concern is addressed through the same efficient GovPilot process that made Camden County’s aforementioned Zika prevention program such a success.The app’s architect, GovPilot Senior Developer, Alex Turchanikov, explains, “[GovAlert] allows constituents to easily notify any municipality of problems that require attention and corroborate issues submitted by others so that the municipality can prioritize the ones affecting the most people.” Sounds like we are in for an efficient 2017!

GovAlert is available for free download for both Android and iOS users.

Even as we list our accomplishments, we know that they are not ours entirely. In addition to the accounts, employees and individuals mentioned above, GovPilot would like to thank CEO and founder, Michael Bonner, for building a great team and fostering a culture of collaboration in the office.

As our staff, client roster and platform continue to evolve, GovPilot’s commitment to improving local government operations remains stable. We are excited to see what 2017 has in store.

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