Take your map search tools, combine that with all your departmental data, and run any search imaginable.



Display digital map layers including assets, public buildings, flood zones, and more.   No ESRI license or experience necessary.



Make data driven decisions. No need for prior GIS experience. Intuitive enough for anyone to get answers quickly.

Trusted By Forward-Thinking Governments

"All departments and our residents use the GIS function on a daily basis"
Kevin Boyle, Borough Administrator, Pompton Lakes, NJ
"The map helps me easily identify properties"
Yolanda Vazquez, Chief of Inspections Trenton, NJ
"A valuable tool for our municipality"
Matthew Hall,Borough Manager Washington, NJ

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Property Level Detail & Data

Geographic Information Systems are critical to providing accurate, actionable data. GovPilot's color-coded, GIS map data layers depict property-specific records such as tax assessment data, ownership information, districts and zones, and other details of interest, to all departments and residents.

Departmental data and records are tied to a single property profile in GovPilot ensuring that data is easily accessible, up to date, and informative.

Make your map available to the public simply by posting a hyperlink on your website. With GovPilot there is NO need to acquire a third-party GIS license. 

Mobile Property Profile

Anchor Property-Level Details Across All Departments. 

Make the records of public and private properties, and government assets such as fire hydrants searchable across all departments and by constituents.

Utilize GovPilot's Property Profile to view and update property-specific detail such as ownership information, tax assessment, permits, and complaint records associated with individual properties. Records such as permit applications, and code violations that are processed through the dashboard appear within the corresponding parcel in the Property Profile, placing all data across departments at your fingertips. 

Profiles can be accessed and updated in real-time from anywhere 24/7 via desktops and mobile devices alike, eliminating the need for inspectors and code enforcement officials to return to the office to update records. 

Utilize GovPilot's GIS search tool to generate mail merged notifications - such as upcoming roadwork alerts - to send to constituents within a specific a radius from a given property.

GovPilot GIS Map

Benefits Employees and Constituents

Published on your official website, the GIS map becomes a source of information for residents curious about all aspects of civic life. This translates to fewer questions, fewer phone calls, and more time for government staff to carry on with their day-to-day work uninterrupted.

Visualize various types of data layers and spatial relationships including economic zones, flood zones, voting districts, zoning and many more to provide critical information to constituents. 

Customer Success Stories


“GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows.”
Darren Bryden

Chief Information Officer



“Utilizing GovPilot, we can easily see trends with violations, plot them by geographic area and see common violators.”
Chris Willms

Zoning and Code Official


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