Digitize Registration

Digital forms make registration and renewal convenient for pet owners and government employees alike.


Generate Revenue

Easily look up expiring registrations and send renewal payment requests via the GIS map's mail merge feature.


Ensure Safety

Associate individual pets with specific property records. Reunite lost pets with owners, and keep first responders safe. 

Trusted By Forward-Thinking Governments

"Saved employees and constituents so much time!"
Anne Marie Friscia, Municipal Clerk Union Beach, NJ
"It's very efficient"
Kim Parent, Administrative Asst. Oceanport, NJ
"The software is user friendly. It is very easy to edit"
Vicki Gough, Deputy Township Clerk Moorestown, NJ

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Animal License Software GovPilot Dog License Application

Convenient Digital Registration & Renewal 

Enable pet owners to register their dog or cat with your local government from the comfort of their home, and collect license fees directly through a digital form on your website.

Eliminate paper forms and pet owners' need to visit city hall in order to register their animal. Log pet health records including rabies vaccinations, and spay neuter status.

Pet licensing creates a database for animal control officers which contain the vaccination records and contact information of owners in the event their pet is lost.


Generate Revenue

Issue renewal notices en masse in mere clicks using the mail merge feature on GovPilot's GIS map.

Collect pet license renewal fees from residents via the digital form on your website, and don't miss out on recurring revenue again. 

Animal Control Software GovPilot Digitalization

Keep the Public and First Responders Safe

New pet registrations and renewals create an up to date centralized database with pet records tied to the property at which their owner lives. The database can be accessed in real-time from the field by animal control officers and/or animal shelters.

Ensure that pets are vaccinated and reunite lost pets with their owners quickly. Warn police of a large or dangerous dog associated with a property before they enter, and let firefighters know that there might be pets on site in need of rescue!

Customer Success Stories

Elizabeth, NJ

“GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows.”
Darren Bryden

Chief Information Officer



“Utilizing GovPilot, we can easily see trends with violations, plot them by geographic area and see common violators.”
Chris Willms

Zoning and Code Official


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