Revamp Registration and Renewal

Digital forms make registraton and renewal simple for pet owners to complete.


Encourage Compliance

GovPilot's GIS for local government comes equipped with Mail Merge. Leverage it to remind owners of renewals.


Associate Pets with Owners' Properties

Learn which pets live at which property. This knowledge will help you locate lost pets and minimize threats.

Trusted By Forward-Thinking Governments

"Saved employees and constituents so much time!"
Anne Marie Friscia, Municipal Clerk Union Beach, NJ
"It's very efficient"
Kim Parent, Administrative Asst. Oceanport, NJ
"The software is user friendly. It is very easy to edit"
Vicki Gough, Deputy Township Clerk Moorestown, NJ

Real-life examples of local governments that resolved big issues with a little help from GovPilot.

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Registration/Renewal is Convenient for Constituents

It's the owner's turn to stay (inside) and sit (on the couch). Digital registration renewal forms sit on the website 24/7, for pet parents to complete from the comfort of home.


Mail Merge Makes it Easy to Send Reminders

Cut the chase! Issue renewal notices en masse using GovPilot's GIS map with integrated mail merge.


Benefit from Useful Insights

Pet data links to owner property. Help that lost pet find its way home. Warn law enforcement of a dangerous dog before they pay the property a visit.

Customer Success Stories

Elizabeth, NJ

“GovPilot is a game changer! Our response time is faster and there are far fewer errors in our workflows.”
Darren Bryden

Chief Information Officer



“Utilizing GovPilot, we can easily see trends with violations, plot them by geographic area and see common violators.”
Chris Willms

Zoning and Code Official


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