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Creating A Positive Work Culture In Local Government Offices

Navigating the difficulties of local government and municipal offices is no doubt a challenging task. Local government officials...

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Do’s and Don'ts of Local Government Environmental Impact: A Cheat Sheet

When reflecting how you may contribute to sustainability efforts, individual actions may appear minor and inconsequential....

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Addressing Challenges Governments Face Moving to an Online Capacity 

As society moves online, local governments are expected to follow suit with a variety of services being moved to a more digital,...

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Local Government Employee Appreciation Strategy: Employee Retention Tips

Government employees who dedicate their personal time and extraordinary effort supporting the community are not often thanked or...

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From Digital Animal Licenses to Pop-Up Rabies Clinics: How Your City Can Become More Pet-Friendly

In recent years, pet ownership has become a quintessential aspect of the American dream. Whether it is a loyal dog or a curious...

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The Key To Managing Annual Licensing Renewals on Your Government Website 

In the web of responsibilities shouldered by local government officials, prioritization of managing annual license renewals may...

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