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Government IT Disaster Recovery Plan for Municipal & County Governments

As many local governments continue to rely on antiquated computer and IT systems, and become more reliant on information...

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Tags: Government Efficiency, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Disaster Recovery

New York Local Government Cybersecurity Management Plan 2023: Takeaways from NY IT Plan

New York local governments have a lot of reasons to prioritize cybersecurity. Given the state’s reputation as a global economic...

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, GovTech, Disaster Recovery

How Does Permitting Software Work? Improve Your Local Government's Workflows

Permitting processes can make or break the efficient functioning of a local government and the local economy as a whole....

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Government Upward Mobility Planning for Citizens 2023: Help Community-Members Succeed

Throughout the world, the United States is viewed as a country where people can work hard to achieve the American dream:...

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