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Boosting Revenue For Your Local Government: Strategies and Tips

By Stephen Brandofino

It can be a huge challenge for local governments to come up with ways to raise revenue in their community for local government spending. Boosting the local economy overall has many challenges and it is difficult for local governments to boost revenue without spending money first. This cycle is frustrating for local leadership as so many projects in the community need completing, services need to be doled out, and infrastructure must be repaired with not enough budget funds to do it all. 

Raising revenue for local governments makes it easier for them to make the necessary improvements for their municipalities. The tactics local government officials can use to increase revenue are simpler than you think. Continue reading this article to learn key strategies and tips for raising local government revenues.

Why Focus on Revenue Collection? 

Revenue raising is one of the most integral aspects of any local government officials time in office. It is extremely important to make sure that the necessary funds are being raised since the money will go straight back into the community. The proper usage of money can help solve many of a city's problems and keep constituents happy. Here is a list of a few key reasons local government officials should focus on revenue collection:

  • Funding Public Services

Revenue generation is crucial for funding essential public services such as education, healthcare, infrastructure development, public safety, and social welfare programs. These services are vital for the well-being and functioning of the local community. Public service departments have the greatest impact on the daily experience of constituents, so it is important that these groups are performing and functioning to their highest capabilities. 

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  • Maintaining Infrastructure

Government officials must ensure that the cities they support meet the needs of its citizens. Local governments need revenue to build and maintain infrastructure such as roads, bridges, public transportation, parks, and utilities. Investing in infrastructure is essential for economic growth, attracting businesses, and improving the quality of life for residents.

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  • Investing in Education

Properly educated citizens are a key factor in a highly functioning city. It is important for citizens to have the best opportunities to learn and develop. Local governments often contribute funding to local schools and educational institutions. Revenue generation enables them to support educational initiatives, improve school facilities, and provide resources for students and teachers, ultimately enhancing educational outcomes and workforce development.

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  • Addressing Social Needs

Addressing social needs in local government involves implementing policies and programs to support underserved populations and promote social equity within the community. Revenue can be used to support social welfare programs that assist these vulnerable populations such as low-income individuals, seniors, and people with disabilities. These programs provide essential support services, healthcare, housing assistance, and other resources to improve the quality of life for those in need.

In summary, revenue generation is essential for local government officials. Other than the previously stated, some key areas revenue generation can be seen include, providing public safety and security, meeting legal obligations, and ensuring fiscal sustainability.   

Key Strategies to Boost Local Government Revenue

When starting the sometimes massive undertaking of generating local government revenue, it may feel difficult to know where to start. Implementing the correct strategy as well as setting necessary time frames and including the right departments is something that local government officials should think of. Here are some key strategies to get you started on boosting local government revenue for your community:

  • Economic Private Business Development Initiatives

Economic private business development initiatives involve strategies and programs implemented by private businesses to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and foster entrepreneurship. Some of these initiatives may include:

  • Business Incubators and Accelerators: Private businesses often establish accelerators to help early stage startups by providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs: Many businesses engage in CSR activities focused on supporting economic development in communities where they operate. This can include investing in local education, infrastructure, workforce development, and small business support programs. 
  • Investment in Research and Development: Private businesses invest in R&D to drive innovation, develop new products and services, and improve competitiveness. These investments contribute to economic growth by creating new business opportunities and driving productivity gains.

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  • Property Tax Adjustments

Property tax adjustments refer to the reviewing and changes of assessed values of property owners in the community. These adjustments can occur for various reasons and may result in an increase or decrease in the property tax bill. Some reasons may include, assessment appeals, exemptions and deductions, and tax abatements.

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  • Local Business Support

Supporting local businesses is a lucrative and wise way for local governments to engage with the local economy and stimulate business growth. Promote public businesses and support to independent vendors to generate customers that overall raise the revenue of the community. It is vital to provide incentives for businesses to operate locally, creating jobs and generating tax revenue. 

Streamline the business registration and permitting processes to attract entrepreneurs to your area to drive tourism and business generation. 

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  • Tourism Promotion

It is vital to invest in tourism campaigns that will attract visitors to your area and increase local spending with attractions or events. Bringing in new customers for businesses, local restaurants, and even local theaters or community events will stimulate community-members revenue to generate the economy overall. 

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  • Asset Monetization

Explore opportunities to monetize underutilized assets, such as selling surplus land and checking out GovPilot’s Vacant Property Registration Module

Renting/leasing public spaces for events and community gatherings or sports generates revenue for the municipality off of assets that are already owned by the government. 

  • Implement Technology Solutions

Implementing technology solutions into government operations and processes helps to improve efficiency and consistency in municipal offices. This benefits both citizens and government workers as it improves their communications through digitizing once manual, our-dated forms of data collection and filing. Further, filing tax collection processes and using real data analytics to identify tax evasion and enhance compliance is made simpler with technology solutions. 

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  • Grant and Funding Applications

Actively seeking grants and funding opportunities from higher levels of government, non-profits, and private organizations will help your government to fundraise for local community needs and modernize old or outdated infrastructure developments. There are various methods of raising funds for local governments including applying for grants from the federal government, which is often a vital and beneficial way for local governments to meet their budgeting needs. 

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  • Utilize GovPilot Government Management Software

GovPilot’s government management software helps your local government to continuously assess and optimize internal operations with digitization. These digitization processes create updated workflows, combat work silos, save time, and reduce municipal costs for labor and funding outdated data storage methods. 

Utilize government management software to utilize the government cloud too, which will encrypt, backup and save valuable and sensitive government data to ensure that your municipality is cybersecure. 

Prioritize Communication With Constituents 

One often overlooked aspect of successful transformations in government or growing your local government’s revenue is transparency; keeping constituents informed on fiscal issues and notifying them of where money will be allocated. Here are some key ways to keep up consistent contact with constituents: 

1. Use Social Media 

Social media is one of those modern instances of tech that has become extremely mainstream over the past decade. Now, virtually everyone already uses social media which makes it the most available and wide-spread option when it comes to reaching the public and getting messages in front of them. 

Use social media to your advantage by getting your updates in front of the public immediately and post community news, ensure the government website is updated regularly, and engage with citizens reliably. Social media posts are also able to be shared between community-members, making it easier for the information to circulate with almost no effort on behalf of the local government. 

2. Host Public Meetings

Hosting public meetings for your community members, whether online or in person, creates a space for community members to see their local officials face-to-face, voice their opinions, and gather important information. Online options like Zoom allow community members to attend your meeting online from anywhere, regardless of if they have the time or means to make a trip to city hall in person. 

Pushing information to the public with these meetings is vital, and can also be beneficial for record keeping as the meetings can be recorded, and shared on social media for those citizens who could not attend. Ensure valuable information is shared to constituents through meetings and events advertised to, and geared towards them.

3. Create A Press Release 

Press releases are a great tool for dispensing official information from your government to the public for them to read and share amongst themselves. Announcing to the community where money is being allocated and what it will specifically be spent on encourages more trust from community members towards their government officials. Let them know that important updates can be shared in a written format, immediately, that can be filled with relevant information meant to help them understand the complex workings of their government. 

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Government Revenue Generation FAQs 

  • Why is revenue generation vital to local government operations? 

Local governments need funds in order to serve citizens and perform all of their municipal duties. Without the proper budget and funds to make improvements in the community, nothing can be updated or made better. l;

  • How can local governments apply for grants? 

There are always federal and state grants that are available for local governments to apply for. Check federal and state government websites regularly for new updates on available grants and use GovPilot’s Grant Module to apply. 

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