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Macon-Bibb is Making Progress

The Georgia county is using GovPilot software to better serve constituents

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Hudson County Partners with GovPilot to Deliver Digital Services

PRESS RELEASE: The partnership aligns with the county's commitment to innovation and will streamline several departments.

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White Picket Fence is the New Black: How Your Town can Capitalize on Suburbia's Resurgence

If you spent the Fourth of July holiday next to an above ground pool and a barbecue manned by a guy wearing white socks with Nike...

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4 Ways to Safeguard Your Government Data from Email Phishing Scams

Oh, that wasn’t you? It looked like you, acted like you and even conducted business with some of your most important clients. No,...

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GovPilot is Jumping for Joy this June!

Summer is here and we are summer lovin’ our recent succes!

This month, we:

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Order in the Court: How Technology is Disrupting the United States Judicial System

In 1911, Thomas Jennings became the first person convicted of murder based on fingerprint evidence in the United States. In 1987,...

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