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Modern Planning & Zoning Software Solutions & Workflows 2023: Everything to Know

In local governance, few departments face challenges as intricate and ever-evolving as zoning and planning. Balancing the...

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AI in Government in 2023 and Beyond: Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Your Municipality

In the rapidly changing world of the 21st century, government officials are experiencing exciting and challenging transformation....

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Local Government Vacant Property Management: Combating Blight and Driving Economic Development

Vacant property management is pivotal in combating blight and driving economic development. If left unattended, abandoned...

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Tags: Vacant Property Management, Government Efficiency, Digital Transformation, GovTech

How to Report Complaints & Issues to Your Local Government: Tips for Citizens & Municipal Leaders

Most Americans feel frustrated when the concerns and issues within their city or town go unnoticed or unresolved. Because of...

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Government IT Disaster Recovery Plan for Municipal & County Governments

As many local governments continue to rely on antiquated computer and IT systems, and become more reliant on information...

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