GIS mapping technology paints a detailed picture of mosquito infestation, infection trends and other critical data sets to eliminate confusion and promote informed decision-making.

Digital “Report a Mosquito Issue” Form

Displayed on the municipal website, the digital form guarantees that government is aware of all mosquito-related concerns.

Automated Workflows

In the midst of a public health emergency, timing is everything. Automated workflows eliminate interruptions to keep things moving smoothly.

GIS map on laptop GovPilot government software
neglected swimming pool GovPilot government software

Mail Merge Integration

Keep calm and fight mosquitoes! Mail Merge capabilities allow government to communicate critical information in a clear, quick and personalized manner to help your community through any health crisis.

Well-Publicized Progress

Illustrate scheduled and completed insecticide sprays on a public-facing GIS map. Well-publicized prevention initiatives cut call volume.

GovAlert Optimization

GovPilot’s Mosquito Control platform will help you address mosquito-related concerns submitted by GovAlert mobile app users.