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How GovInspect Software Can Streamline Local Government Inspection Workflows

Almost everyone can empathize with the frustration caused when local construction projects seem to take forever to complete,...

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The Best Government Building and Construction Software: Improve Local Construction Workflows 2023

Infrastructure projects are a daily occurrence in municipalities around the globe. Whether it is the construction of new...

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Embracing Green Infrastructure in The Public Sector

In the constantly evolving landscape of local governance, there has been significant pressure to embrace eco-friendly solutions...

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Is E-Voting The Future Of Local Government?

Seemingly with the passing days we are going more online; technological innovation is expanding in a way never before imagined....

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The Township of North Bergen Deploys Government Management Software Across Departments With GovPilot

The New Jersey Township selects GovPilot as provider of cloud-based government management software to streamline operations and...

(3 min read )

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Local Government Data-Driven Decision-Making: 10 Ways To Modernize Data Collection

In today's technologically driven world, data is a vital commodity. Not only does data give local governments insight into the...

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