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How Mobile Devices Are Transforming Local Government Work in the Field 2023

While some government employees can complete their day-to-day responsibilities without leaving City Hall, most find themselves...

(8 min read )

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What is Disaster Resilient Infrastructure? Why is it Needed?

The U.S has seen many devastating and historic natural disasters over the past decade, including the never-seen-before, 2023...

(11 min read )

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City Governments & Pickleball: Bringing The Popular Sport to Your Neighborhood

With pickleball's rising popularity, people across the country are looking for a chance to play the sport in their communities....

(5 min read )

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Local Government Vacant Property Management: Combating Blight and Driving Economic Development

Vacant property management is pivotal in combating blight and driving economic development. If left unattended, abandoned...

(8 min read )

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Linden, New Jersey Deploys Government Management Software Across All Departments

The New Jersey City selects GovPilot as provider of cloud-based government management software to streamline operations and...

(2 min read )

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How Local Governments Can Improve Veteran Services 2023: Everything Municipal Leaders Need To Know

Far too often, veterans return from their time in service and lack the support they need to adjust back to civilian life as they...

(6 min read )

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