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GovPilot New Jersey League of Municipalities Wrap Up

by govpilot on December 06, 2019

From November 18 - 21, over 17,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors gathered in Atlantic City, NJ for the largest municipal conference in the country - the New Jersey League of Municipalities - to share ideas, learn from one another, and demo products ranging from heavy duty vehicles to sophisticated SaaS products.   For GovPilot, the conference ... READ MORE+

GovPilot Gives Back

by Alannah Dragonetti on December 15, 2017

GovPilot’s commitment to unity doesn’t end at our collaboration-conducive government management software. Whether it is staying late to assist a colleague in another department or starting a fundraising campaign to help those living in areas ravaged by hurricanes and tropical storms rebuild, members of the GovPilot team are always willing to lend ... READ MORE+

NJLM 2017: GovPilot's Top 3 Moments

by Alannah Dragonetti on November 17, 2017

The New Jersey League of Municipalities’ annual Atlantic City-set conference is always a special event, but this year’s was even more momentous than usual. Whether you couldn’t attend and share in the excitement or you’d just like to relive the memories, we’ve recapped our top 3 moments! READ MORE+

GovPilot Talks Public Performance Management with Rutgers’ Andrew Ballard

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 22, 2017

In 1975, the nation was on the heels of the political unrest surrounding the Vietnam War and  President Nixon’s resignation amid the Watergate scandal. Government at all levels was seeking a way to reconnect with citizens and regain their trust. Enter Rutgers University’s National Center for Public Performance (NCPP)—a research and public service ... READ MORE+

In Honor of Earth Day: 3 GovPilot Processes that Promote Outdoor Activity

by Alannah Dragonetti on May 12, 2017

Time flies! It’s hard to believe that it has been a full year since last Earth Day, when we told you how GovPilot can help your city reach its green goals and reap the benefits. With another Earth Day right around the tree-lined corner, we have another reason to adopt GovPilot: it is the rare software that promotes outdoor activity.   Experts ... READ MORE+

GovPilot Hits the Road

by Alannah Dragonetti on January 25, 2017

When interested out-of-state local governments call GovPilot headquarters, the first question they ask is often, “ Do you serve clients outside of New Jersey?” The answer is an emphatic, "yes!" Like tomatoes and Bruce Springsteen, GovPilot is a NJ gem that shines too brightly to be kept from the rest of the country. Though we primarily serve ... READ MORE+

Sessions and Celebrations: The GovPilot Team Worked Hard and Played Hard at NJLM's 2016 Conference

by Alannah Dragonetti on November 18, 2016

November during an election year is a stressful time for those in government. This week’s New Jersey League of Municipalities conference in Atlantic City, NJ was a much-needed opportunity to blow off steam. From Monday, November 14th through Thursday, November 17th,  the GovPilot team joined mayors, council members and other Garden State ... READ MORE+

GovPilot’s Experience at Rutgers PPMRN 2016

by Alannah Dragonetti on September 30, 2016

Last week marked Rutgers University’s School of Public Affairs and Administration’s 9th annual Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network (PPMRN) conference—a seminar about the importance of optimized data management and utilization. READ MORE+

My Summer Internship at GovPilot, by Jesse Dorbian

by Jesse Dorbian on August 12, 2016

“In a world of scarce resources, globalization without new technology is unsustainable.” –Peter Thiel in Zero to One. READ MORE+

GovPilot (Literally!) Shined at NACo 2016

by Alannah Dragonetti on July 29, 2016

We returned from the National Association of Counties’ (NACo) 81st Annual Conference and Exposition with huge smiles, clean shoes and several Ziploc baggies (large, not sandwich-sized) full of business cards. What happened at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center last weekend? Glad you asked! READ MORE+