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The Top 5 Most Commonly Reported Concerns in New Jersey

By Marisa Pangaro

GovPilot is becoming more and more actively recognized for the brilliant and time-saving software solutions offered to municipalities. Those who live in Elizabeth, South Orange, and various other NJ towns that use GovPilot’s Report-a-Concern module have it easy- these residents can access a digital Report-a-Concern form through their district’s official website or report an issue as soon as it arises via the GovAlert mobile app.

Both portals offer the capability to add image attachments detailing a concern, provide a detailed description and the guarantee that the issue will reach the government department responsible for its resolution. All of this occurring, in record time. 

GovPilot remains focused on helping municipalities track KPI's and government analytics and have collected vast historical data ourselves, gathered from all classifiable issues reported through GovPilot’s Report-a-Concern digital form and GovAlert app.

Read on to learn more about the top 10 most commonly reported concerns in New Jersey: 


#5 Construction Work Without Permits

Construction projects without permits brings nothing but danger to the workers, and passing citizens alike. Construction and building projects are often a non-stop part of life in a municipality as ongoing improvements always need to be completed to keep a city in the best possible condition. 

Construction permitting is a vital part of the construction process that ensures the legal permissions necessary for a project to begin. It ensures that construction activities adhere to local, state, and national building codes and regulations, fostering legal compliance and mitigating the risk of penalties or shutdowns during the projects completion. The permitting process streamlines safety standards, promoting a secure work environment for construction personnel and minimizing potential risks to the public.

Learn about How Online Permitting Works and Construction Management Software with our resource. 

#4 Unsanitary/Unsafe Conditions

As covered in previous blog posts, unsanitary/unsafe conditions within a municipality such as potholes, unfinished construction projects, health hazards, and various other safety concerns can have dire consequences for citizens. 

Unsafe and unsanitary conditions in a city pose a direct threat to public health, fostering the spread of diseases and illnesses. In a post COVID-19 world, municipal leaders should be more concerned with community health than ever. Contaminated water sources, inadequate sanitation facilities, and improper waste disposal can create breeding grounds for harmful pathogens, jeopardizing the well-being of individuals and compromising the overall health of the community.

Learn about GovInspect and How GovPilot's Inspection Software Can Ensure Non-hazardous Conditions in a Municipality

#3 Abandoned Homes/Buildings

Abandoned properties are home to many threats to the safety and reputation of the community, often making new perspective residents not want to move into your community.  

To begin, these vacant structures often become havens for criminal activities, such as vandalism, squatting, and illegal substance use, contributing to a rise in crime rates and compromising the safety of the surrounding community. This is an issue that causes vast risk of harm to citizens and visitors of your community.

Economically, the presence of abandoned properties can lead to a decline in property values, hindering potential investment and deterring new residents. The hardships for governing bodies created by these structures can also impede urban revitalization efforts, stalling the overall growth and development of your municipality.

Check out GovPilot's Vacant Property Management Software

#2 Dead/Fallen Trees

Snowy NJ winters and rainstorms often mean plenty of trees don’t make it, and fall down. Fallen trees pose a significant threat in your city due to their potential for causing harm to people, property, and infrastructure. The large size and weight of a fallen tree can result in severe injuries or fatalities if it lands on individuals or structures.

These fallen trees can obstruct roadways and transportation routes, causing traffic disruptions and increasing the risk of accidents on your roads. In the event of storms or natural disasters, fallen trees can damage power lines, disrupting electrical supply and creating safety hazards.

The removal of these broken or fallen trees is a complex and potentially risky task that requires specialized equipment and expertise, adding to the overall challenge. Learn everything there is to know about GovPilot's Tree Removal Permit here. 

#1 Flooding and Water Drainage Issues 

Flood and drainage issues pose significant challenges for municipalities, impacting various aspects of community life, and yet these challenges have various ways they can be managed with the help of government management software.

Primarily, these common flooding issues threaten public safety by exposing residents to the risk of property damage, displacement, and even loss of life during severe weather events. Infrastructure damage resulting from flooding can cripple local transportation systems, disrupt utilities, and strain emergency response capabilities. Additionally, the economic consequences of water drainage issues are abundant for a municipality, as businesses and homeowners face financial losses due to property damage and reduced property values. The recurring nature of flood and drainage problems also makes municipal development efforts more costly, discouraging potential investors and impeding urban planning initiatives. 

To learn more about Flood Management read our article or check out our Emergency Management Software!

Mitigate These Common Issues with GovPilot Software Now

NJ’s most helpful residents continue to use GovPilot technology to report instances of unsanctioned construction, abandoned homes/buildings and other potential hazards through GovAlert. They know that they can trust GovPilot’s automated workflows and clear communication channels to carry the concern through the appropriate chain of command and order of operations for swift and complete resolution. 

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