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How GovInspect Software Can Streamline Local Government Inspection Workflows

By Mary Malcolm

Almost everyone can empathize with the frustration caused when local construction projects seem to take forever to complete, especially government workers. Why are some roads blocked off for months while construction seems to be halted, making constituents take detours to work in the morning? Local governments often meet endless impasses in the completion of local projects from inspector delays, inspection errors, or inefficient communication between involved parties. Getting these projects off the ground and ensuring optimal output are oftentimes greeted with roadblocks that have the potential to be easily regulated and mitigated through government management software

The integration of software capable of automating inspection processes provides local governments with more time and ease to guarantee peak communication with inspectors while they are in the field. GovInspect, the local government mobile application for streamlining inspection workflows, will continue to support the progress of existing projects in your municipality by simplifying the entire inspection process. The streamlined government inspections also bring new and updated infrastructures to your municipality more promptly, without the headache for local government employees!

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What is GovInspect?

GovInspect is a mobile application that expedites inspections on behalf of local governments. The app utilizes the data stored during inspections to manage inspection assignments, adhering to a predetermined schedule, and updating all involved departments/inspectors with automatic notifications throughout the inspection process. While cutting down on the need for old, manual, paper-based workflows, GovInspect allows inspectors to submit results without having to manually return to the office at the end of the day. Inspectors can work on site with instantaneous access to all relevant property history records right on their mobile device, including real-time code violation updates and the ability to organize future inspections.

Information and inspectors notes get logged into the government cloud, keeping record directly with any mobile device that your municipality uses. This software solution finds application from its capabilities in building and construction related inspections.

These possible uses include but are not limited to the following inspection types: 

  • Construction Inspections
  • CCO Rental/Sale Inspections
  • Code Enforcement Inspections 
  • General Work Orders
  • Issuance of Violation Citations

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Why Are Timely Inspections Imperative for Government Operations? 

The final step of construction projects always requires appropriate inspections to be passed, so delays in this process halt building and construction workflows as a whole. Local governments should be particularly motivated to expedite projects that their community members place importance towards. When local municipalities identify a necessary addition or update to their community, getting that project underway and completed within a respectable time-frame is essential in keeping constituents satisfied. As project efficiency is accelerated, community members are rewarded with a more livable community, their desired amenities, healthy/safe community areas, and a newfound appreciation for their local officials.

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How Does GovInspect Work?

GovInspect operates as a branch of the GovPilot platform to establish a comprehensive cloud-based storage service for inspectors and other government workers alike. The versatility of GovInspect is abundant when it comes to facilitating government inspections. The potential to streamline and digitize various inspection processes is virtually limitless and GovInspect can be utilized in these steps:

1. Assigning and Organizing Inspections 

Traditionally, inspectors would be expected to travel back to the office when seeking further instruction for their future assignments.  With GovInspect, inspectors are typically able to view their schedule, instructions, permit/property information and the requestor/complainant information directly through their phone. Without the need to travel to and from government offices, the travel time saved may be better utilized in the continued effort of inspection completion. 

Without GovInspect, inspectors would need to manually organize and plan out their next inspections, often driving all over the municipality to complete them. However, on the GovInspect app, inspectors can view all past, present, and future inspection assignments to more comprehensively plan their inspection routes and track assignments.

2. Ability to Add Notes and Results On-Site 

As the assigned inspectors and government departments work collaboratively, inspection notes are imperative to assure the correct review can be completed after the inspection process. On our app, inspector notes are recorded digitally from the get-go so that inspectors do not need to reference or copy any paper notes for entry into the government records. Instead, GovInspect digital notes are automatically uploaded to the cloud in real time, which eliminates any possible mistakes that re-entering paper-based notes may present. 

The mobilization and digitization of that communication makes the notes immediately accessible to all members from any reach of the world, at any time. As with all GovPilot programs, GovInspect ensures secure storage of information by means of the cloud, only permitting access to those with permission to view them. 

3. Automatic Storage of Data and Notes to The Cloud

"The cloud" is a technical term that encompasses a sophisticated network of remote servers dedicated to storing, managing, and processing data, diverging from the conventional reliance on individual servers, paper-based logs, or personal devices. Its primary function lies in the storage of vast amounts of information while ensuring the utmost security and encryption for this data. 

One of the remarkable advantages of cloud computing is its non-localized nature, enabling seamless access to project-related notes and data from any location. This global accessibility of inspection notes and approvals not only enhances collaboration abilities of government workers but also contributes to the flexibility and efficiency of information retrieval.

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4. Automatic Update Notifications Sent to Applicants

Ensuring effective collaboration within the inspection process requires transparency regarding information between government workers and applicants. Inspection applicants will no longer need to contact city hall for updates on their inspections. Now, automatic notifications will be sent to all involved parties, including inspectors and applicants, to keep everyone informed on approval updates in real-time.

5. Simplified Inspection Workflows Overall

Taking the unnecessary labor out of the storage of information for inspections simplifies the process of completing necessary steps for inspection completion. Streamlining software, like GovInspect, works to make inspection timelines run on schedule, eliminating the possibility of human error or inspection delays which makes streamlining software the logical step forward for local governments. 

The overall goal of GovPilot’s inspection software is to heighten operational effectiveness, so the approvals of inspections can be timely and thorough.  Between the cloud storing information to be accessed from anywhere at any time, updates being sent automatically, and the mobilization of the entire process, all usual obstacles for government inspections are accounted for with GovInspect. Utilizing this software provides the best opportunity for idealized project progression and workflow automation with local government operations

How Can GovPilot Streamline Inspection Workflows?

Inspections are streamlined through GovInspect in a few key ways. Here are the ones to look out for: 

  • Streamlining Communication Between Inspectors and Government Departments

In many aspects of governance, the public sector has largely maintained traditional workflows, with in-person office  structures, paper-based communication, and outdated servers. However, government software solutions  are constantly adapting to the modern time which is helpful for local government internal communication. 

  • Enhanced Cloud Storage and Security 

As modernized government workflows incorporate the upload of important, private inspection documentation, there is an understandable degree of apprehension for local government officials at times. Paper documents are tangible and allowed to be stored physically, giving administrators ease of mind as to where their documents are and who has access. What is so often misunderstood about the cloud are the advanced security measures put in place.

The government cloud works tirelessly to encrypt and maintain the privacy of uploaded documents. This security is reinforced with the inability to misplace documents, as they will be automatically filed and organized. Although some prefer the tangibility of physical copies, this is made up for in what you gain in security and reliability. 

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  • Ensuring Seamless Workflows Across Departments

A vital benefit that is highlighted in a digitized government workflow such as this is the way digitization of the inspection process elevates work efficiency. A leading complaint local governments face in the execution of infrastructure inspections is the difficulty of keeping all government departments on the same page. When inspectors and relevant government departments are working out of sync, it inhibits the project timelines entirely. 

Every piece of streamlining software offered by GovPilot is crafted with the shared goal of efficiency, working to maximize potential and creating a seamless workflow within all participating departments. GovPilot has had great success in mitigating any communication issues between departments. 

Keeping all members updated throughout every step of a project is the only way to undoubtably assure that communication is idealized. As team members utilize their GovInspect program and make notes about the site, update code regulations, or schedule future inspections, all agents with access to the project will be notified instantly. 

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  • Improving Inspection Accuracy and Limiting Mistakes

Being aware of Code Enforcement regulation and any updates to those regulations that may progress over the course of a project is instrumental in keeping an inspection up to code. An inspector should be aware of potential violations in full, so as those updates are posted, GovInspect incorporates software that sends notification updates to inspectors directly from the appropriate government department regarding approvals. Moreover, inspectors can view new or updated code-violations in real time, so they don’t miss a step or forget any vital tasks within the inspection process. 

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Utilize GovInspect In Your Municipality Now 

In understanding the common frustrations of government employees and constituents alike that are often developed during lengthy building and construction projects, it is imperative to recognize that the modern era offers an abundance of solutions to alleviate these challenges. 

The facilitation of streamlined workflows and a digital transformation becomes readily achievable as local governments embrace the evolving landscape and proactively integrate cutting-edge software solutions, such as GovInspect, into their operations. By exploring the transformative potential of GovInspect, your locality can experience enhanced efficiency and efficacy in project management. 

We invite you to book a consultation with GovPilot today and explore how these innovative tools can transform your community!

GovInspect FAQs

  • What is GovInspect

The GovInspect App, when paired with GovPilot's platform, enables on-site inspections and real-time, cloud-based record keeping directly from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.Your municipality can utilize GovInspect for all building and construction related inspections - CCO Rental/Sale Inspections, and Code Enforcement Inspections, as well as the issuance of Violation Citations, and Work Orders.

  • What processes does GovInspect simplify? 

GovInspect streamlines and makes local government inspection processes run more smoothly and efficiently for municipalities, for all building, construction, and code enforcement inspections through a simple mobile application. 

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