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The Best Government Building and Construction Software: Improve Local Construction Workflows 2023

By Stephen Brandofino

Infrastructure projects are a daily occurrence in municipalities around the globe. Whether it is the construction of new buildings, the upkeep of roads and highways, or the development of structures for water management. 

While to most of your citizens, the processes that it takes to get these jobs done looks seamless, with construction workers and city planners making complex projects look simple, the time and effort it actually takes to put plans into action cannot be understated. With hold ups coming from contractors, inspection workflows, and normal construction processes, the origination and implementation of these projects can actually be irritating and slow. 

With the help of GovPilot’s Government Construction Software, your local government officials can simplify tedious processes, and make the blueprints for new infrastructure a reality. Read on to explore all the necessary considerations and tips to streamline your communities building and construction workflows. 

What Are Building and Construction Workflows?

Building and construction workflows are the processes followed in the construction industry to manage, plan, and carry out building projects efficiently. Each step in the process requires cooperation by different departments within your local government, with different tasks and goals associated alongside each step. Outlined below are some of the necessary steps that make up construction workflows:

  1. Project Initiation and Planning

The most vital step for local governments to take when looking at new infrastructure projects, is to properly plan out the project. Doing things like forecasting budgets and expenditures, developing designs, and even surveying constituents to see what new infrastructure they would like to have created or worked on, can be very valuable to local governments when undertaking new projects. 

Learn more about Local Government Budgeting Strategies here. 

2. Permitting Operations

Making sure that construction projects comply with your local governments laws and regulations is an integral part of the building process. Without the necessary licenses and permits, construction projects can be terminated before they are even started. 

With the help of GovPilot software, licenses such as building permits and contractor registration, can be obtained with ease. Furthermore, with the move to a more sustainable lifestyle, it is important for local governments to remain true to being environmentally friendly. Making sure that the new projects they are starting do not negatively impact the environment surrounding them is another important compliance step. 

Learn more about the benefits of Embracing Green Infrastructure here.  

3. Project Management and Coordination

Ensuring that the construction process is running as scheduled is a necessary step. Many projects come with strict deadlines, set in the hopes that they will spur efficient and effective work by those involved. Certain tools such as KPIs (key performance indicators) can help keep construction groups on track. It is important for all groups and departments involved to manage their time and work towards common goals. 

Why Is It Vital That Building And Construction Workflows to Run Efficiently?

It is a necessity for local governments to have construction workflows down to a science.  Simplifying processes as well as educating local government employees on those processes, will benefit the community as a whole. The accuracy of the implementation of these processes can decide the fate of new infrastructure projects, as a uniform system of steps can create the framework for building projects. Some of the key reasons for efficient workflow in building processes include:

  • Quicker Infrastructure turn around allows for local governments to establish numerous new building projects simultaneously. This can allow for quicker growth for your municipality, as different projects can be happening simultaneously, allowing for a more efficient construction process.  

Learn everything about Disaster Resilient Infrastructure and its importance here. 

  • Expediting Inspection Workflows is something that all local government officials should strive to do. It is crucial for local governments to maintain project timelines and ensure compliance with regulations. With the help of GovPilot's GovInspect Mobile App, on-site inspections as well as cloud based record keeping, the otherwise grueling inspection workflow can be streamlined. 

  • Enhanced Safety Improvements for infrastructure projects can be easily achieved with the help of efficient workflow processes. Implementing uniform workflows that are consistently followed can help limit the likelihood of work site accidents. 

Educate yourself on Community Safety Strategy here, with our resource. 

Common Roadblocks To Government Building and Construction Workflows 

Building and Construction workflows can at times hit various roadblocks that impede progress and efficiency. It is essential for local governments to anticipate these barriers and take the necessary steps to either avoid them. Some of these common roadblocks include:

1. Slow-moving Timelines

The steps that have to be taken by all parties involved in new infrastructure projects can be tedious and at times, grueling. Whether it is gaining the proper license to do the work, or finding the right contractor within tight budgets, these steps may feel monotonous, but at the same time are necessary.

Ensure your government has a strong Municipal Planning Strategy for Local Governments

2. Poor Communications Between Government Officials and Contractors

With a large amount of construction projects being outsourced to private contracting companies, the need for communication between local government officials and these companies is very important. A lack of clear communication lines can lead to some misunderstandings about regulatory compliance, equipment needed, and deadlines. 

3. Slow Inspection Workflows

One of the most grueling parts of construction projects taken by local governments is the task of building inspections. Safety of your constituents is paramount, so it is important to make sure that whenever a new piece of infrastructure is created, it is safe and up to safety regulations laid out by your state. 

At times, different departments must work in unison in order to get inspections done, and to get building projects started. Thanks to the move to efforts by local governments to go paperless, this flow of communication has been made much easier. 

Learn more about Going Paperless in Local Governments here.  

4. Budget Constraints

Local Government officials looking to initiate different infrastructure projects is a great thing. Wanting to better the accessibility, safety, or overall look of your municipality through these projects is a sure sign of a thoughtful government official. With that said, cities are often constrained by differing budgets that may not allow for certain projects to be initiated. It can be a difficult task to decide which projects are of most necessity to your community. With the help of GovPilot software solutions, your local government can properly budget to mitigate insufficient funding or unexpected costs. 

Learn more about how to properly budget for your community here.  

How GovPilot Construction Software Actually Works 

Beginning construction within your local municipality can seem like a long winded process. With the many steps needed to be taken before the first movement of a tool even happens, it is hard to know where to begin. The following are the steps GovPilot Construction Software will take to simplify the process:

  •  Contractor Registration

    Contractors who are being hired to complete different building projects can enjoy the ease of renewing annual licenses, with the different municipality departments being able to keep track of these renewals. 

  • Online Permitting 

    Online permitting software makes obtaining permits such as roofing and electrical permits manageable. This will allow for projects to be started quicker without worrying about the hassle of paperwork between different departments.  

  • Interdepartmental Government and Contractor Communication

With the help of cloud based data storage, the communication between contractors and different government departments can be done virtually.  

  • Automated Updates Delivered in Real-Time
    Notifications regarding the status of applications, reviews, inspections, and permits can all be sent through text message and email, leading to quicker results from construction projects. 


  • Inspection Workflows are streamlined with GovInspect
        GovPilots mobile app GovInspect, allows for rapid results for                            inspections of building projects. This is a key step in ensuring that your          project is up to safety code and able to be continued to completion.  


Other Software Solutions From GovPilot That Streamline Building and Construction Workflows 

GovPilots software offerings don’t stop at things like building permit software or the ability to inspect construction zones with the ease of your mobile phone. There are many different other software solutions offered by GovPilot to help in streamlining construction processes. Some of these software solutions include:

A Geographic Information System is a computer system used to capture, store, and analyze data related to different locations. This software will prove to be very useful to local government officials when trying to decide where and when to start new infrastructure projects.

Learn more about How Municipalities Need to Use GIS Maps in 2023 here.

  • Planning and Zoning Software

GovPilot Planning and Zoning Software can help make construction plans come to life. With the ability to apply for different permits to make construction spaces safer and more accessible, as well as the ability to properly manage the construction areas themselves, this software is a necessary tool for construction projects.  

  • Department of Public Works Software

With construction projects changing the look and accessibility of your municipality, it is important to have your Public Works Department running efficiently. With the help of GovPilot's Department of Public Works Software, you can ensure that your constituents' daily lives are minimally affected by the new projects.  

Streamline Building and Construction with GovPilot Now

Your Local Government officials should utilize GovPilots Building and Construction Software to improve the timelines, cost-effectiveness and workflows of infrastructure projects. This software, combined with other GovPilot software options, can allow for a new, streamlined approach to construction within your municipality to save time and money. Book a Consultation with GovPilot to learn more.  

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